Style Guide for Wedding Petticoats and Crinoline Slips

Brides who had just made a major purchase of a most exquisite wedding gown may be tempted to believe that they do not actually need a bridal petticoat. This idea could not be farther from the truth, since a crinoline slip is an absolute necessity for properly shaping that wedding dress. Even bridal gowns that have a built-in crinoline often lack the luster and fullness that a bridal crinoline offers. The following is a quick-reference guide for the correct selection of the crinoline slip that will best embellish and highlight the key features of your bridal gown.

A primary consideration for choosing the correct bridal crinoline for all wedding gowns is the actual content of the material of the wedding dress itself. Heavy silks and satin will not show ruffles or other details from undergarments, such as garters and hose, while silk charmusse, crepe or chiffon have a more translucent finish which may allow undergarments to show through the wedding gown. Cake Servers & Flutes


Slip Fullness

Fullness may be categorized into the following five groups: Little Fullness, Medium Fullness, Very Full, Mega Fullness and Hoop Skirt. Not sure what fullness to order? View our  How to Measure for Wedding Dress Slip for an easy step by step process to measure your wedding gown and get the perfect fullness.

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Little Fullness

Circumference Range: 94" inches to 125" inches
Little Fullness is best suited for an A-line wedding dress with a sleek, streamlined look or one that has a minimal amount of circumference. The crinoline will eliminate see-through effects of any other undergarments such as garters and hose which is the primary functions for this type of bridal slip.
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Medium Fullness

Circumference Range: 128" inches to 157" inches
Medium Fullness, on the other hand, is more appropriate for a wedding gown that needs a slender, straight look at the hips, but flares out at the very bottom of the wedding dress. This style offers the duality of slenderizing while accenting the lower portion of the bridal gown.

Very Full

Circumference Range: 160" inches to 188" inches

Very Full works best with wedding dresses that have a wider circumference at the hemline, but are only slightly amplified from the waist until the bottom of the hip. The functionality of this bridal slip is to emphasize and display the beading and design that appear on the lower half of the bridal gown.

Mega Full

Circumference Range: 191" inches to 220" inches

Mega Full purposefully commands attention for the bridal gown that flares immediately from the waistline. It offers maneuverability and easier seating in comparison to the hoop skirt while fully displaying the intricacies of the wedding gown.

Hoop Skirt

Measurements listed on individual products A Hoop Skirt is a bridal crinoline that has a belled-out shape formed, by circular supports currently made of metal. This is the ultimate for fullness for a bridal gown, with an additional comfort benefit of not having any of the material touch the legs of the bride.


Waist Closures

Waist Closures are the single most important bridal crinoline feature when it comes to comfort and fit. These seven closures, Drawstring, Cinch Waist, Elastic & Zipper, Hook & Eye, Velcro, Elastic & Velcro and Sew In include all the possible combination needed for the precise fit of any wedding dress. It is important to remember that slip sizes must always be chosen based on your waist measurement, not by a pant or dress size you may be wearing. Another factor is that a crinoline should not be worn too tightly so that it constricts breathing. Comfort throughout the entire day even into the late hours of the wedding dance is a consideration when selecting the right bridal crinoline for your wedding gown.


Drawstring Waist

Drawstring Closure is appropriate for a wedding gown that has a bask waist, or in other words, has gathers or fullness at the actual waist line and is not very tightly fitted. This closure allows for maximum flexibility, comfort and last-minute size changes, but does create small gathers as the drawstring is pulled, similar to a drawstring purse. 

Cinch Waist

The Cinch Waist Closure is the opposite extreme of the closure choices. It is best suited for an empire gown or a closely-fitted waist gown. The slip begins immediately from the bra line forming a completely seamless flow all the way to the hip. The support offered in this bridal crinoline smoothes the less-than-perfect torso for a slender, streamlined appearance. Ripples and bubbles should be non-existent while wearing this type of crinoline.

Elastic & Zipper Waist

The Elastic and Zipper Closure has the dual task of slenderizing and shaping a fitted-waist wedding dress. Keep in mind that this bridal crinoline begins at the waist which allows the tummy area to be tucked in for a smooth style to emphasize the bodice of your wedding dress.

Hook & Eye Waist

The Hook and Eye Closure is simplistic and comfortable. If the bride is seeking a smooth waistline and is not concerned about needing a form-fitting slip, this easy on-and- off bridal crinoline is her best choice. This closure also has adjustable sizing.
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Velcro Waist

Velcro Closure is the absolutely most convenient waist closure for any bridal slip. Its quick-close also allows a bit of flexibility in size adjustments. This works wonderfully for the bride who has no desire to trim her waist and is seeking pure comfort.

Snip Top Waist

The Snip Top slip gives a one-size-fits-all feature and can be shortened by removing the elastic from the top tunnel, choosing the desired length and then making a small slit to re-insert the elastic.

Lycra Gripper Waist

Lycra Gripper waist is a new comfort waist panel made of 8" tubular nylon Lycra which is finished with an exclusive Gripper waistband that keeps the crinoline both secure and in place while providing comfort and flexibility. The gripper waist band allows you to wear this petticoat from under the chest to the waist line with slipping down and without showing any lines.
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 sew in.JPG  

Sew In Waist

SEW IN waist does not have a closure and allows for the slip to be sew directly into the wedding dress. This slip closure is perfect for the bride who does not want to wear an extra garment under her wedding dress.



Waist Measurements

As a final note, it is crucial for you to have your bridal crinoline for the fittings of your wedding gown, since its fullness impacts the length of the hem. A perfect example is that if the wedding dress arrives with it appearing to need a one-inch shortening of the hem, it may be possible that the bridal crinoline will actually resolve that problem by elevating the wedding gown just that amount. Finally, wedding gowns should be an inch off the floor when the bride is wearing the actual shoes she plans to use with the gown. The crinoline should not show and therefore should be at least two inches off the floor.

Bridal crinolines have come a long way from their early origins of being small or “peti” coats used as undergarments, to even the use of horse hair for stiffness in shaping crinolines. The actual meaning of crinoline is created from two words, “crino’ meaning hair or flax., and “line” or lined, thus, hair lined. Regardless of its etymology, modern day bridal crinoline are an essential part of the bride’s wardrobe.

Slip Fullness
Fullness may be categorized into the following five groups: Little Fullness, Medium Fullness, Very Full, Mega Fullness and Hoop Skirt. Not sure what fullness to order? View our  How to Measure for Wedding Dress Slip for an easy step by step process to measure your wedding gown and get the perfect fullness.

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