How to Measure Wedding Dress for Crinoline Petticoat Slip


A picture may speak a thousand words, but when choosing a crinoline, measurements are the key factor for selection. has outlined a simple method to select the correct fullness for your wedding gown slip. Other factors, such as wedding dress fabric, a crinoline pre-built into your wedding gown, and your personal preference of how the dress should look also play a part in the final fullness that you select. Since heavy silks and satins may weigh down the slip, it may be necessary to order a fuller slip than what is normally recommended by the measurements. If you receive a slip that is too full, you are always able to cut out a layer of crinoline/netting to make it the perfect fullness for your dress. The following quick-measurement guide will help in the final selection of your wedding gown slip. If your wedding dress is in storage at a bridal shop, have your bridal consultant measure it for you. The correct selection of the crinoline slip is the most essential step to assure that the wedding slip will best embellish and highlight the key features of your bridal gown and achieve the effect that accentuates your total look.


Measuring your Wedding Dress
 1.jpgMeasure Dress
Measure your wedding dress from side seam to side seam at the bottom hem, following the curve. This is shown at the illustration at left.


2.jpgDouble the Measurement
Take the measurement and double it to figure the circumference of your wedding gown. Example: Measurement: 85" inches x 2 = 170" inches
Compare to Slip Fullness


3.jpgCompare your dress circumference measurement to the Slip Fullness Guide. This slip guide has ranges, but the main thing is to NOT get a slip fuller then your wedding dress, unless the weight of dress material is very heavy.


Example: Dress Measurement: 170" inches Recommended Slip Fullness: VERY FULL

Crinolines vs. Hoop Skirts

The choice between a crinoline or a hoop skirt is based mostly on personal preference. A crinoline or petticoat has many layer of netting to create the fullness. On the other hand, a hoop skirt has metal bones that provide the fullness, which allows for less material. Hoop skirts are ideal for brides who do not want material against her legs, especially if the wedding is during the hot summer months.

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