Wedding Inspirations: Heart Themed Wedding

Posted on October 15th, 2010 by Mandy Webster

Heart Themed wedding collage

Every happy couple wants a wedding that symbolizes their love and commitment to one another. And, nothing says love like the classic heart shape that represents the center of human emotion in Western culture.

Heart History

The heart as we know it today was first popularized in the Victorian era. However, it’s origins are far older. In fact, this ancient symbol has been traced back to a time before the last ice age! The symbol has been found in ancient Cro-Magnon pictograms… although, there’s no way to know if it held the same meaning for these ancient hunters as it does for us today. (Probably not.)

While a totally overblown heart themed wedding is ‘so last-century,’ artfully placed heart decor can add the perfect touch of romance to any wedding without coming off as too kitschy.

The Platinum Hearts Program Paper Kit – Half Fold (also available in Tri-Fold) is a perfect example of a small heart embellishment with its platinum silver hearts and white organza ribbon. And the great thing about these wedding invitations is they are Do It Yourself!

Ancient Egyptians viewed the heart as the ‘center of life and mortality,’ while the Greeks considered it “the center of the soul and the source of heat within the body.” And, Roman author, Ovid once wrote, “Although Aesculapius himself applies the herbs, by no means can he cure a wound of the heart.” (From Timeline: Heart in History.)

From there, the significance of the heart grew and evolved throughout the centuries. From 1000-1400, the heart was associated with the Holy Grail. But, the heart as a symbol of love and emotion would not become universal until the Middle Ages.

A symbol of faithfulness and loyalty, the ‘something blue’ in that age-old adage is often the wedding garter. Make the Blue Crush Wedding Garter your ‘something blue’ embellished with a sparkling crystal heart to match your heart wedding theme.

Silver Wedding Band with Heart Shaped ShadowThe My Heart Link Bracelet is a perfect bridesmaid gift and is also a great way to ensure your bridesmaid jewelry matches. This personalized bridesmaid gift may be engraved with a single, script initial at No Additional Cost.

The Embossed Cake Serving Set and Double Hearts Toasting Flutes are the perfect addition to the heart themed wedding.

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