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Honeysuckle: Top Pantone Design Color for 2011

Posted on December 29th, 2010 by Mandy Webster
Honeysuckle Pantone 18-2120

Image courtesy of

Pantone’s color number 18-2120 is a delicate reddish pink which some experts claim is indicative of better times to come. What better way to dress your besties for your wedding day than in this most popular color of hope? Read more »

Product Review: Personalized Aluminum Water Bottles

Posted on December 28th, 2010 by Mandy Webster

BPA Free Water Bottle in Apple GreenThe latest fad in ‘going green’ is the BPA free water bottles you’ve likely seen everyone running around with lately. They’re great for the gym or just for bringing a drink of water along with you on your post holiday shopping sprees. I’ve been meaning to pick one up for a while, so I was really excited yesterday when I opened a package from Billie-Jo Brusveen, founder of Knot The Groom, and found my very own personalized aluminum water bottle inside.

My aluminum water bottle came in apple green with my name printed along the side. They also come in aqua, black and fuchsia. Get your aluminum water bottles at Knot The Groom, and you’ll get free personalization as well!

These BPA free water bottles come with an easily removable, threaded carabiner key ring top. I love the little metal clip on the top of the bottle. It will be great to clip it onto my book bag so I can easily bring a bottle of water to class with me along with all of my other junk that I tend to drag around at school with me. (I’m a graduate student in the professional writing program at Mount Mary College, which is also Billie-Jo’s alma mater.)

Reusable water bottles such as these are great for the environment, as they create less waste than those plastic water bottles we’re so used to throwing out as soon as we’re done with them. And aluminum water bottles are BPA free, which is healthier for you as well as for the Earth.

Read more »

Enchanting Makeup for your Fantasy Wedding

Posted on December 22nd, 2010 by Mandy Webster

If you’re doing your own makeup for your wedding and are looking for a shimmery, fantasy look, check out this video I came across this morning. The makeup artist takes you step by step through the process of creating this beautiful look.

Enchanting Christmas

Inspired by stained glass windows, this look would be fabulous for many different types of weddings. It’s also a great look for all of your holiday parties and events. Read more »

Will and Kate: The Engagement

Posted on December 21st, 2010 by Mandy Webster

The wedding world is abuzz at the recent news of the engagement of the British Prince William of Wales to ‘commoner,’ Kate Middleton. A plethora of Chinese manufacturers kicked their factories into overdrive to create cheap reproductions of Kate’s blue sapphire and white diamond ring, which once adorned the hand of Will’s mother, the late Princess Diana of Wales.

Will and Kate Engagement Photo courtesy of

Will and Kate pose for photographers after the official announcement of their engagement. Photo courtesy of

“This was my way of making sure that my mother didn’t miss out on today,” said William as the couple posed for photographers in the state apartments at St. James’ Palace. Read more »

Flower Crowns for your Wedding Day

Posted on December 18th, 2010 by Mandy Webster

little girl wearing a flower crownI love flower crowns. So much so, I usually end up making at least one for various nieces and little cousins every summer. They’re so easy, you can do it yourself. I like to use long-stemmed flowers, such as daisies, black-eyed Susies and even poppies. The best is when you can pick them yourself from a local field or meadow. Just pick a huge basket full of the flowers and braid the stems together, working in the occasional flower.

My niece, Audra, is pictured at left in one of my hand made flower crowns. Of course, the flowers were a bit wilted by the time this picture was taken, but you get the idea. If you do choose to make your own flower crowns for your wedding, try to pick the flowers as close to the wedding ceremony as possible and store the crowns in a refrigerator with the rest of your wedding flowers until just prior to the wedding. Read more »


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