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Silver & Black Wedding Inspiration

Posted on March 27th, 2012 by annalemberger

Imagine yourself walking down the aisle of a classically romantic silver toned and ebony black wedding. Let the silver anticipate a loving road ahead as you and your spouse work together toward your silver anniversary. Keep the memory of your wedding day and the years ahead in our beautiful silver framed photo album. A silver cake serving set makes a perfect gift for the lucky couple that they can use during the reception and for anniversaries to come.

Photos by: Blue Note Bakery, Whimsical Gatherings, Gemvara, The Dessy Group

Where to buy: Beaded Matte Silver Photo Album; Black Border Designer Cuff Links & Tie Clip; Embossed Cake Serving Set; Stunning Silver Wedding Invitations

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Sunshine and Bellflower Spring Wedding Inspiration

Posted on March 20th, 2012 by annalemberger

Spring has come early this year for most of the country. This beautiful weather has me itching to slip into bright sundresses and crash as many spring weddings as possible. This spring I hope to see one of my favorite spring color combinations Solar Power and Bellflower (Pantone). See my board for a little inspiration of your own! You can also score a great deal this week on those sweet little slippers. One of our own at KTG got these ballet slippers for her daughter to wear at a wedding reception and says she loved them. These soft, classy slippers are perfect for a wedding reception and will keep little girls on their twinkle toes.

Photos by: Ododo Originals, Rebecca Marie Photography & Design,

Where to buy: Molly Jr. Girls Ballet Slippers; Sparkling Heart Locket Jewelry Set

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Destination: Wedding

Posted on March 12th, 2012 by annalemberger

Whether you are a bride, groom, bridesmaid or groomsman, traveling hundreds of miles to a tropical wedding or just around the corner, having a well thought out packing list is a great way to make sure your big day goes smoothly. Knot the Groom has a wonderful array of high quality cases, totes and kits for organizing your wedding day necessities. I was especially excited to see this week’s deal on the Train Travel Case. This particular cosmetic case has the easy clean plastic lining that makes life on the go much easier; the plastic lining is especially important if you pack your cosmetic bag anywhere near your clothes.More details on this week’s deal are below.  My other favorite item for the bride or bridesmaids is the Bridesmaid’s Clutch Survival Kit. You can take this little beauty anywhere and be ready for anything with its 2 band aids, 4 bobby pins, towlette, sewing kit, breath mint and travel size Kleenex pack. For more great travel products and gift ideas for your wedding party, check out my product board.

travel case and survival kit

Where to buy: Train Travel Case; Bridesmaid Clutch Survival Kit; Monogrammed Damask Fabric Tote Bag

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St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Posted on March 6th, 2012 by annalemberger

Since St. Patty’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, I felt compelled to write another post about this day of uninhibited Irish celebration. Plus, it just so happens that Knot the Groom’s weekly deal involves one of St. Patrick’s Day’s most cherished activities—drinking. Fortunately this year the holiday falls on a Saturday, so you’ll have a full day to recover after your night of debauchery. But, wait, whom am I kidding? I mean day of debauchery; because all good St. Patrick’s Days begin immediately upon rolling out of bed. Put your Irish hat on and follow my tips for a fun and lucky day!

Frankfurt Tallboy Beer Mug

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Saint Patrick’s Day Ideas

1. Drink the two Holy Trinities—Guinness, Harp, Smithwick’s and Jameson, Powers, Tullamore Dew. (Suggestion from our favorite guest blogger and drink master Jeff)

2. Buy chocolate gold coins and hide them everywhere.

3. Kiss a redhead.

4. Eat corned beef, cabbage and soda bread. Yum!

5. Carve and carry a wooden shillelagh (walking stick), and yell “Shillelagh Power” at every opportunity.

6. Wear an obscene amount of green. Think Wizard of Oz and Emerald City.

7. Wake up early on Sunday and watch your neighbors stumble home. If you’re the one doing the stumbling, wave.

8. Make your own Shamrock Shakes!

9. Most importantly, Irish responsibly.

Keep your drinks cold with these handy beverage coolers!

personalized beverage coolers


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