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Celebrity Wedding Updates

Posted on May 27th, 2011 by Mandy Webster

Stretch limo for a celebrity weddingWilliam and Kate have almost reached their one month anniversary, but all is not completely quiet on the celebrity wedding front. Here’s a quick update of who’s in wedding news today:

Bridal Trunk Show Trends for 2011

Posted on April 27th, 2011 by Mandy Webster

In my last post on the bridal trunk show, I talked about what happens during your bridal trunk show appointment. Now, let’s talk about some of the latest wedding dress trends as seen at Christy’s Bridal.

Wedding dress with straps

Straps are back. More brides are choosing wedding gowns with thicker straps this season.


Bridal Gown Trends and Tips for 2011

  • Fit and Flare. Fit and flare style wedding gowns are fitted from the top of the dress to below the hip. Carol, the owner of Christy’s Bridal, says this style is really hot this year.
    • Fit and Flare Bridal Undergarments. When choosing a fit and flare style wedding dress, it’s essential to also choose the right bridal undergarments to provide a smooth, sleek look under your gown. The Amoré Seamless Tummy Control Spandex Slip is one option featuring a built in Lycra® control panel that minimizes and smooths the tummy area and hips.
  • Straps. Forget strapless and even spaghetti straps. This year, straps are back. Carol has noticed this year that brides-to-be are opting more and more for a thicker shoulder strap on their bridal gowns. One reason may be the added feeling of security provided by straps designed to stay in place and hold the bride’s bodice together through the entire long wedding day. Some brides also prefer to maintain the option of wearing a regular bra with their bridal gown rather than a strapless bra.
    • Strap Support. Carol says most of her strapless bridal gowns are designed with built-in supporters which do a great job of holding the bodice in place throughout the wedding. Proper wedding undergarments will also help you avoid any mishaps. Although the right bridal undergarment and built-in support features will help you hold it together on your wedding day, chances are you’ll just feel more secure with straps. If that’s the case, don’t forget to pick up a packet of Sticky Straps Dress Tape to hold those straps in place.
  • Flowered Accents. This year, flowered accents are in. You’ll see flowers on shoulder straps, belts and even carpeting entire skirts. Read more »

Your Bridal Trunk Show Appointment

Posted on April 20th, 2011 by Mandy Webster

So now you know what a bridal trunk show is and you’ve made your appointment and the appropriate preparations. You’re probably wondering now what will actually happen when you arrive at your trunk show appointment. Here’s some information I’ve gathered to help you understand the trunk show process:A wedding gown on display at a bridal trunk show

What happens at the appointment?

  • Meet with the consultant. Discuss your desired price point and styles you are interested in. This will give the consultant a starting point for choosing gowns for you to try on.
  • The consultant will bring out bridal gowns for you to try. Some of these will be wedding dress styles you requested in advance, while others will be selected by the consultant based on the information you gave her during your previous discussion.
  • Try the gowns on. This will likely take place in front of a full-length, multiple view mirror so you can see how the gown looks from every angle. The consultant should also discuss the merits of each gown and provide honest feedback to help you find the wedding dress that is most flattering to your particular figure.
  • Place your order. If you should happen to find that perfect wedding gown, the bridal shop consultant will measure you and place the order for your gown. Read more »

Preparing for Your Bridal Trunk Show Appointment

Posted on April 19th, 2011 by Mandy Webster

In Part 1 of my series on the bridal trunk show, I talked about what exactly a trunk show is. Once you’ve received your invitation and called to make an appointment with your local bridal shop, it’s time to prepare for that appointment. Here are a few things you should know:

Wedding gowns at a bridal trunk showPreparing for your trunk show appointment

In most cases, when you make your appointment to attend the bridal trunk show, the store owner, bridal consultant, or other store representative will probably give you a list of items to bring to the trunk show with you.Fit and flatter style wedding gown at a bridal trunk show

For example Carol, owner of Christy’s Bridal, says she first asks her brides to check her website to see what featured styles they like. Carol’s brides-to-be supply her with a list of style numbers in advance of the trunk show appointment so her consultants can have those wedding gowns ready for the brides when they arrive. But, the preparation for the appointment does not stop there. Following are a few other items Carol recommends for brides to bring to their bridal trunk show appointment. Read more »

Try a Trunk Show | The Trunk Show Defined

Posted on April 18th, 2011 by Mandy Webster

Christy's Bridal and Formal Wear, Located in Burlington, WisconsinThis weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a bridal trunk show at Christy’s Bridal, located in Burlington, WI. I’d heard of trunk shows before but had never actually attended one, so I walked into this show without a shred of knowledge about the process.

Carol, the owner of Christy’s Bridal, walked me through the trunk show process and really just pumped me full of useful information…so much information, in fact, I doubt it will all fit into one blog post.

What’s a trunk show, anyway?

I had no idea what a trunk show was when I received an e-mail invitation to attend this one at Christy’s Bridal. I figured if I didn’t know what a trunk show was, then my readers may not know either. So, I e-mailed the store and requested an appointment.

Hanging wedding dresses at a bridal trunk showSo, what’s a trunk show? Here’s what happens: Designers choose a selection of their newest and best selling gowns, as well as a few ‘tester’ gowns to send to the bridal shop. Tester gowns are wedding dresses which the designers are considering adding to their collections for the upcoming season. They send these bridal gowns to trunk shows to see how real brides-to-be will respond to these particular styles.

The bridal store then keeps the gowns for a few days, generally over a weekend. The shop will typically send out invitations to brides-to-be (a great reason to sign up for their mailing lists and newsletters) and set up individual appointments. Appointments are necessary to ensure a consultant is available to meet with each bride and provide the individual attention required to help find that perfect wedding dress. Read more »


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