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The Quinceañera Mass, aka La Ceremonia Religiosa or La Misa

Posted on November 30th, 2011 by Mandy Webster

The Quinceañera Mass, also referred to as La Ceremonia Religiosa or La Misa, is perhaps the most important element of the traditional Quinceañera. In general, this Misa de accion de gracias, or Thanksgiving Mass, commemorates the transition of the 15-year-old girl’s life from childhood to womanhood. The Quinceañera Mass may include a variety of traditional activities depending on the individual family.

Common Quinceañera Mass Elements

  • The Quinceañera is typically escorted to the altar of the church by her parents, godparents, and her court of honor.
  • Family members and friends may make speeches during the mass itself.
  • Children play a role in many Quinceañera Masses from placing the pillow upon which the Quinceañera will kneel throughout the ceremony to handing out small gifts to guests.
  • At the end of La Misa, the Quinceañera may place her bouquet on the altar of the Virgin Maria.
  • La Ceremonia Religiosa is typically followed by a reception which includes a variety of additional traditions. Read more »

Invitaciones de Quinceañera | Quinceañera Invitations

Posted on October 28th, 2011 by Mandy Webster

Los Invitaciones de Quinceañera, or the Quinceañera Invitations, are one of the most important elements to consider when planning your Quinceañera. When creating your Quinceañera Invitations, it is essential to include the basic Who, What, When, and Where of your festivities along with a few personal elements to showcase the young lady of the day.

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The Who of your Invitaciones de Quinceañera must include the name of the Quinceañera (of course,) as well as the names of the party hosts (usually the parents,) and the names of the Quinceañera’s court members. Read more »

Are you looking for the perfect theme for your Quinceañera?

Posted on October 19th, 2011 by Mandy Webster

In our last post, we discussed the history and origins of the Quinceañera. Now let’s talk about the party itself. In many ways like a wedding, the Quinceañera is often planned with a particular theme in mind. Choosing a theme helps add balance to the party, ensuring a unified ambiance to the festivities. There are a variety of themes to choose from when planning a Quinceañera. These are just a few…

Quinceanera Zebra Print Table Runner

Fairy Tale Themed Quinceañera

Because the Quinceañera celebrates the transition from childhood to womanhood, the fairy tale themed Quinceañera is one of the most common. While on the cusp of womanhood, many 15 year old girls still cling to the fairy tale dreams of their youth. Tiaras, frothy pink princess-style dresses, and candle lighting ceremonies are common elements of the average fairy tale themed Quinceañera. Read more »

The History and Origins of the Quinceañera

Posted on October 12th, 2011 by Mandy Webster

In our last post on the Quinceañera, we answered the question, “What is a Quinceañera anyway?” Today we’ll explore the history and origins of the Quinceañera. So, let’s start with the word, “Quinceañera” itself. According to Voices, the Journal of New York Folklore, “The Quinceaños, or la fiesta Quinceañera, is a rite of passage for fifteen-year-old Latina girls.” The word, “Quinceañera,” is derived from the Spanish words, “quince,” or “fifteen,” and “años,” meaning “years.”

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But where did the modern Quinceañera spectacular originate? What is the history of the Quinceañera? While some attribute the origins of the Quinceañera to the ancient customs of the Aztecs, the basic ceremony and meaning have been replicated in a variety of cultural initiation rites around the world. Some even attribute the tradition to similar court practices originating in France, Austria, and other European aristocracies. Read more »

The Quinceañera: What is a Quinceañera Anyway?

Posted on October 5th, 2011 by Mandy Webster

If you’re like me, you may have only just heard of the Quinceañera in recent years. Growing up in a very small (and not very diverse) small town in southern Illinois, I had never heard of a Quinceañera until I joined the military and had the opportunity to serve with Americans from every conceivable background. In basic training, I met a young Venezuelan woman who happened to mention her Quinceañera one day, and of course, I had to ask the ignorant question, “What’s a Quinceañera?”

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I listened, enthralled, as she regaled us with stories and filled us in on the details of the beautiful ball gown she wore, the decorations, and the court that surrounded her throughout her elaborate 15th birthday party, also known as the Quinceañera. Needless to say, I was jealous. Read more »


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