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Pastel Pink Wedding Inspiration

Posted on January 16th, 2012 by annalemberger

Nothing smells quite like the enchanting fragrance of a rose. Surround yourself with the elegance and romance of these floral beauties at a rosy pink wedding. Instead of classic red, look to pastel pink and pearl white buds to inspire a truly picture-perfect wedding. These muted tones will stand as a lovely backdrop to the brightest, most vibrant element of the day: the bride. These wistful and romantic colors and elements are especially perfect for those planning a Valentine’s Day wedding.

Photos by: Melissa Munding – Photographer, Angel Canary Photography Inc, Ann Taylor Weddings & Events

Where to buy: Birdcage Veil; Photo Wedding Cake Topper

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Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Wedding Cupcakes!

Posted on May 4th, 2011 by Mandy Webster

Cupcakes are in. The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, which pits the country’s top cupcake bakers against one another, is one of the top cooking shows on television today. Specialty cupcake shops have popped up across the country, and wedding cupcakes are the new wedding cake “tradition.” No longer can you expect to find magnificent, tiered wedding cakes at every wedding reception. Instead, many contemporary brides are choosing small wedding cakes complemented by elegant or whimsical cupcake displays designed to please a variety of palettes.

wedding cupcakes

One of the great things about offering wedding cupcakes at your reception is the plethora of flavor and color choices available from specialty cupcakes shops like Classy Girl Cupcakes, located in Milwaukee, WI. Options like the Orange Dream cupcake pictured above are just the tip of the iceberg. Read more »

Inspiration | Spring Wedding Cakes in Pink

Posted on March 11th, 2011 by Mandy Webster

Still counting down the days till spring? Check out these beautiful spring wedding cakes in pink from Cakes for Occasions.

Spring Cakes in Pink Read more »

Wedding Cake Basics: Cutting and Serving the Wedding Cake

Posted on February 3rd, 2011 by Mandy Webster

A 5-layer, Modern Black and White Wedding Cake on a table at a wedding receptionIn my last post, I gave you a brief overview of how to cut your wedding cake. Now that you know how your cake should be cut, the next step is to decide who will cut and serve the wedding cake at your wedding reception. You must make sure the official wedding cake cutter understands exactly how you want the cake sliced in order to serve everyone. You don’t want to start with large slices of cake and end up serving tiny slivers near the end to try to feed everyone.

If your caterer is providing your wedding cake, then he or she will likely take charge of cutting the cake. In this case, making arrangements for the wedding cake cutting ceremony may be as simple as reviewing your expectations with the caterer. In most cases the person assigned to cut your cake will have some experience and will probably cut your cake in the exact proportions required to feed all of your guests.

However, many caterers will charge you an exorbitant fee for cutting and serving a cake provided by someone other than themselves. In this case, you will need to choose a trusted friend or family member to take on this vital role.Beaded Cake Serving Set

Remember, this is one of those easily forgotten, yet absolutely essential details that must not be put off until the big day. It is so important to designate a specific person to direct the cake cutting and take steps to ensure the cake cutter understands and agrees with your expectations.

To accomplish this, you might consider holding an informal cake cutting party in advance of the big day. Get together with friends and family members to bake your own inexpensive cakes from box mixes, or use several loaves of bread cut to the sizes and shapes of your actual wedding cake tiers. Don’t be concerned with how your cakes look or what they are made of. The important thing is that your practice cakes be the same sizes and shapes as the real deal. Read more »

Cutting the Wedding Cake – Part 1

Posted on February 1st, 2011 by Mandy Webster

Bride and Groom Slicing Wedding Cake Decorated with DaisiesOne of the featured traditions of every modern wedding reception is the cutting of the wedding cake by the bride and the groom. Traditionally, the groom places his hand over the bride’s, and together they cut the first two pieces of cake. This is a symbol of the couple’s very first task taken on together as a couple.

The couple then feeds the wedding cake to one another as a symbol of their first meal together. These traditions both are emblems of the newlywed couple’s commitment to their marriage and the support which they will provide to each other throughout their lives together.

According to the website of Wilton Industries, a popular company specializing in cakes and candies, wedding cakes are generally cut into slices of around 1 inch by 2 inches that are 2 layers thick. It is important to cut the wedding cake properly to ensure there are plenty of slices to feed every guest. Read more »


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