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The Mix: Make an Entrance at your Wedding Reception!

Posted on October 1st, 2011 by annalemberger
The Mix: Our blog series on everything from signature cocktails to DJ playlists.

This is your moment. You’ve finally made it down the aisle and are ready to present yourselves as a married couple for the first time. Whether you choose a quiet entrance or extravagant fanfare, make it one that is memorable, special and most of all unique to you.

Bride & Groom Entrance

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Part 3: Working with Your Wedding DJ

Posted on September 24th, 2011 by annalemberger

The Mix: Our blog series on everything from signature cocktails to DJ playlists.

The Mix Headphone








Newlywed and former DJ Jeff brings you his final list of do’s and don’ts when hiring and working with your wedding DJ.

DO– offer the DJ a meal. If your reception has a dinner provided, and the DJ will either be playing music or setting up during dinner, it is courteous to offer them a meal, provided it does not interfere with their duties.

DON’T– get the DJ drunk. Most professional DJs will limit their intake or simply not drink while on the job, but sometimes guests will offer drinks in exchange for requests. Be wary of your crazy uncle or mischievous bridesmaid spending too much time at the DJ booth.

DO– request the songs you want to hear weeks before the wedding. Not all DJs will have all the songs you want to hear. Most DJs will work in one particular medium (CD, MP3, vinyl) and some non-traditional requests may be difficult to come by on short notice.

DON’T– surprise your DJ with music you brought from home. It is fine if you pre-arrange with your DJ that you will be bringing a special song, but a surprise takeover of their playlist may not go over well with them or your guests.

Post a comment and share your own DJ, reception or wedding music suggestions and experiences!

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Working with Your Wedding DJ: Part 2

Posted on September 16th, 2011 by annalemberger

The Mix: Our blog series on everything from signature cocktails to DJ playlists.

Headphones The Wedding Music Mix







Our guest blogger, DJ, and recent newlywed Jeff brings you more do’s and don’ts when working with your DJ and planning your wedding reception. Use these tips to keep the music flowing, the guests dancing, and Grandma Agnes at the front of the conga line.  Read more »

Signature Cocktail: Margarita with Blue Curaçao

Posted on August 29th, 2011 by annalemberger

The Mix: Our blog series on everything from signature cocktails to DJ playlists. 

This striking blue-green cocktail will add a punch of color and fun to your reception alcohol drink selections. While bartenders refer to this cocktail as a blue margarita, the name is up to you!  Imagine sipping a Blue Paradise while doing the conga line at your luau-themed wedding. A bright colored cocktail also looks stunning in elegant martini glasses against the simplicity of a black and white wedding. The blue margarita is an excellent choice, both for aesthetics and taste.

Blue Margarita with Blue Curacao

The mix

  1. Shaker with ice.
  2. 2:1 (tequila: curacao)
  3. Lime juice (a healthy dose, a little less than an ounce.)
  4. A splash of whatever sour mix is on hand.

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Spring Wedding Flower Arrangements

Posted on March 22nd, 2011 by Mandy Webster

I love the colors in these spring wedding flower arrangements I saw this morning on Today. I especially like the “collaring” technique this flower designer uses near the end of the clip.

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Many of these spring flower arrangements will look amazing in my all-time favorite Knot The Groom flower vase, pictured below. The Affinity Wedding Reception Vase has just that right touch of romance for the spring wedding. Read more »


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