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No bridal gown is complete without the crowning touch provided by just the right wedding veil.  Whether you are planning a formal wedding or something more casual, has countless styles to meet each bride’s unique taste.

Our wedding veils are available in a diversity of shoulder, elbow or wrist lengths, as well as fingertip and cathedral length. An elaborate selection of nearly 40 veils will ensure the perfect match with any bridal gown for that finishing touch.

The wedding veil style guide exhibits our extensive variety of bridal veil lengths and veil edging choices accompanied by suggestions for choosing the appropriate length to complement the specific type of wedding gown you will be wearing on your big day.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding on a length for your veil.  When choosing a wedding veil, a bride should be aware of the location in her hair where she wishes to place the veil.  Inserting the comb of the bridal veil at the top of the head (or crown area) can have a huge impact on where the veil edging lands as compared to when the comb is inserted around the nape of the neck.  This can cause as much as a 6-8 inch difference in where the veil ends.  

Because of this, it is extremely important to have an idea of how you will be wearing your hair and your veil before ordering your wedding veil. There are only 4-6 inches of difference between most of the veils we carry.  A bride should always measure from the location of the insertion of the veil comb to the desired ending length of the veil to decide what actual length will be required.

Another factor to consider when choosing your wedding veil is the placement of the seam around the bodice of your wedding gown.  For example, if your wedding dress has an empire waist, you should select a veil to compliment that line by selecting a veil length that would end at the seam line on that particular gown.  If you were to select a wedding veil that is 6 inches too long, you will create two visual lines on the body - the seam of the dress around the bodice and the line from the veil.  By choosing a veil that falls right at the seam of your gown, you will create a smoother overall appearance.

At, wedding veils featuring ribbon, pearl or rattail cording are available in a variety of lengths depending on the bride’s own personal preference. Numerous scattered accents such as pearls, rhinestones and crystals may also be added to any wedding veil to further enhance this accessory's delicate beauty.

Intricate in style but practical in use, each of our bridal veils is fastened with a tulle-wrapped metal comb that makes it easy to secure to any hairstyle. You may select your ultimate wedding veil in either white, diamond white or ivory to add a touch of tradition and grace to your wedding ensemble.

While most of our veils are “made to order,” we have categorized them in the most common requested sizes.  Veils are measured from the crown of the head down the length of the veil.  Whether you choose from the long cathedral length wedding veil traditionally worn at a more formal wedding, or a shorter, more versatile one, our extensive bridal veil selection, custom styles and quick, convenient service make Knot the every bride-to-be's favorite shop for wedding veils.

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