Wrist Length Veils

A wrist length white veil is one of our most versatile veils, as it can be worn with a wide variety of wedding dresses from tea length to longer gowns.  A white veil of this length is great for either a traditional wedding or a contemporary wedding. Generally, a wrist length veil ends slightly above or below the wrist.  Whether you are planning a formal wedding, a casual beachside wedding, or even an ultra-modern, contemporary wedding, you can be sure to find just the white veil you need right here at KnotTheGroom.com!

When choosing a white veil, keep in mind your face shape and dress style so you may choose a veil that will best complement your individual look.  You must also consider how you will be wearing your hair for the wedding ceremony, as well as the exact placement of the veil on your head.  Whether you will be wearing your veil at the crown of your head above a bun or up do, or at the back of your head beneath a bun or up do, the placement of your white veil will have a great impact on the length of your veil.

Another factor to consider when choosing your white veil is how long you will be wearing this headpiece.  A wrist length veil is perfect for wear at both the wedding and reception, as it will not be as likely to get in the way as a much longer cathedral length veil might.  Also, you will want to choose a multi-tiered veil if you would like to wear a white veil over your face during the wedding ceremony.  

The edging, or trim, of a veil can add an interesting design element. Some white veils have a simple raw edge or sleek piping for a contemporary look. Other white veils are finished with cording or a pearly edging for a more traditional or romantic look.  

Accents may also be scattered on your white veil for added detail.  Choose from Pearls, Triple Pearl Clusters, Mini Rhinestones, Rhinestones or Swarovski Crystals.  On a two tier white veil, the accents are scattered across the entire top tier as well as the bottom half of the second tier.  You might also consider mixing and matching the accents on your white veil for a more customized look.

All of our white veils arrive packaged in clear plastic bags designed for easy shipping and delivery.  Your will want to remove your bridal veil gently from its packaging immediately upon receiving it as storage in plastic bags will discolor your white veil over an extended period of time.  Hang your new veil from the included complementary plastic hook a cool dry area, away from the sun.  

Any wrinkles that may have set into your white veil during shipment should fall right out within a few short days.  However, if wrinkles should persist, do not try to iron your bridal veil.  Instead, apply steam from a hot shower or find out if the company that is steaming your gown can also steam your white veil at no additional charge.

Please check out our veil style guide for more information and helpful tips on choosing the best bridal veil for your wedding day.  Once you have chosen that perfect white veil to complete your ensemble, be sure to browse our other fabulous wedding accessories, bridal undergarments, and shoes.  At KnotTheGroom.com, we have everything you need to create the ultimate look for your special day.
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