Wedding Veil Care & Storage

So, you just received your beautiful new wedding veil, and you want to make sure it makes it to the big day intact. It is essential to take care with your bridal veil to remove any shipping wrinkles and avoid discoloring the veil before the big day. First of all, it is important to hang your veil as soon as you receive it to make sure you don't show up for your wedding full of wrinkles. Luckily, Knot The Groom includes a plastic clip hook for your hanging convenience. Be sure to use only this specifically designed hanging hook to avoid damaging your veil. Most wrinkles should fall right out of your veil within a few days with proper hanging.  



All of our bridal veils are packaged in clear plastic bags for easy shipping and delivery, and will have wrinkles upon arrival. Gently remove your wedding veil from the plastic bag and hang using the enclosed plastic hanging hook. Packing wrinkles in your bridal veil should disappear on their own over the next couple of days. However, if wrinkles persist after a week, steam from a hot shower should take care of any persistent wrinkles.  

You might also check with the company that is steaming your gown, as they may be able to steam your veil at no extra charge. We recommend that you do not iron your veil as it is very delicate and may melt or burn.

Be sure to store your veil in a cool, dry area, away from the sun. We recommend that you keep your veil in a breathable bag or cotton sheet, as plastic bags will discolor your veil over an extended amount of time.

After the big day, don't forget to properly preserve your bridal veil, along with your wedding dress, using a Wedding Gown Preservation Kit. You may include any three accessories, including your wedding veil, with your bridal gown for cleaning and preservation. The Wedding Gown Preservation service also includes repairs of your wedding veil in addition to cleaning and preserving your bridal gown and accessories. Tears in the netting of wedding gowns and bridal veils are two of the most common repairs made by the Wedding Gown Preservation Company

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