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How will you wear your hair for your wedding day? It’s a question every bride needs to ask herself early in the wedding planning process. In some cases, you may even choose to meet with your wedding hairstylist well in advance of the wedding to discuss your options and do a trial run. Even if you plan to keep your hair covered throughout the entire wedding day, it is important to choose a wedding hairstyle that will create the desired look under your bridal veil.

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Your wedding hairstyle can have a tremendous impact on many aspects of your wedding attire. For instance, the length of your bridal veil may depend on the location in your hair where you wish to place the veil. Inserting the comb of the bridal veil at the top of the head (or crown area) can have a huge impact on where the veil edging lands as compared to when the comb is inserted around the nape of the neck. This can cause as much as a 6-8 inch difference in where the veil ends.  

Floral Crystal Bridal Comb with Birdcage Veil.jpgBecause of this, it is essential to have an idea of your desired wedding hairstyle when choosing your bridal veil. When ordering your wedding veil, you should always measure from the location of the insertion of the veil comb to the desired ending length of the veil to decide what actual length will be required.

You might also decide to wear a tiara, Kate Middleton-style fascinator, or other wedding hair accessories either in place of or in addition to the traditional bridal veil. All of these wedding hair accessories can have an impact on the wear of your hair. Whether elaborate or simple, don’t make your veil compete with your hair. An elaborate bridal veil typically calls for a simple hairstyle, and vice versa. You should also consider your dress style when choosing a veil and wedding hairstyle to ensure that your veil does not compete with your gown.

You should also consider whether you want the veil to cover your face or simply drape down your back. 

Veil Length

When it comes to choosing a wedding veil, you have a plethora of options. Wedding veils come in a variety of lengths, from the short shoulder, elbow or wrist length veil to longer fingertip veils, and even cathedral length veils that trail behind the bride. The style of your wedding gown will often dictate the length and style of your bridal veil. For instance, if you are wearing a long, elaborate train (like the bride pictured above, bottom left,) you may opt for a simple, shoulder length bridal veil to avoid covering the train. It is essential to consider your overall look when choosing each individual element.

A small birdcage veil, like that pictured above or our Floral Crystal Bridal Comb with Birdcage Veil, pictured at right, may be worn with either short or long hair. Birdcage veils and other wedding veils are typically attached to the bride's hair using an attached hair comb. So, no matter what your veil length or style, your wedding hairstyle absolutely must be planned with the veil fastener or other hair accessories in mind. 

For a classic, long veil, you might try a bun or an updo. A sleek bun or low chignon may also be appropriate for a birdcage veil. However, if you're lucky enough to possess thick, luxurious locks, you may want to show them off. Remember the appropriate hairstyle for each individual look will vary from one bride to the next. So, it is essential to consider all of your options and consult with a professional wedding hairstylist whenever possible.

Tiaras and Other Hair Accessories

Perhaps a bridal veil just isn't for you. In that case, there are many wedding hair accessories, including tiaras, barrettes, hairbands, and fascinators that you may choose to wear either in place of or in addition to your bridal veil. For example, you may choose to wear simple pearls and ribbons in your hair (like the bride pictured above, top left,) or you may choose jeweled barrettes (like the bride pictured above, top right.) 

Pearls and other jeweled hair accents, tiaras, and even feather embellished, flapper style headpieces are all excellent choices for adorning your wedding hairstyle. 

Short Hair Styles

Braids, twists, curls, fascinators, feathers and veils—your short hair bridal style is limited only by your imagination. Brides with short hair have a lot of styling and veil possibilities; however, it may be wise to consult a hairdresser before looking at hair accessories and veils so you know what will and what will not stay securely in your hair.  For short-haired brides who crave the classic sophistication of an updo, ask your stylist to experiment with twists, braids, and half updos; twists can also help tame unruly strands and keep the veil more secure. If you like the hair-down look or are a pixie-cut bride, consider the suggestions in the “Tiara and Other Hair Accessories” section above. For those rocking the short locks, jeweled barrettes, funky flowers, simple headbands, or feathered fascinators will nicely frame your face and give your outfit that finishing touch. A lovely headband or a silky ribbon is also a great alternative if you do not have enough hair to attach combs or clips.  Finally, do not stray too far from your normal hair color. If you usually sport hot pink hair, that’s great; if not, leave the extreme colors at home. 

Long Hair Styles

Long hair definitely has its advantages, especially if you are a bride looking for a more intricate and creative updo. Low or high buns add elegance to a classic bridal look. Fun braids or pin curls create a more whimsical look. You may want to consider an updo if you are planning an outdoor wedding so your hair is not tangled by unruly winds. On the other hand, if you are getting married on a beach, long, wind combed hair might be the look you want. As always, the wedding location, theme, and the rest of your outfit will be helpful factors when deciding on a bridal hairstyle.  Once you choose a style, consider giving your look a trial run to see if it stays in place all day. Then on the big day you can concentrate on the important things like saying “I do” and marching down the conga line without worrying about your hairpins popping out.

If you desire long locks for the big day, talk to your stylist far in advance about extensions or weaves. It may be best to use these lengthening techniques only if you have used them before; extensions and weaves can be irritating and it is important to be comfortable at your wedding. However, you should not feel any pain if you have a good hairdresser. Cost is also a consideration. Professional weaves usually start at $1,000, so you may want to consider some less expensive snap-in extensions that do not require special skills to attach. Make sure you research and consult experts before making any dramatic hair changes.  

Bridal Veil Placement

Where you place your veil depends on your hairstyle, gown, and the type of veil or other accessory you choose. Knot the Groom has several veils in varying length and style, from birdcage to full length. Visit our Veils and Tiaras section for helpful photos demonstrating veil placement and length. Remember, veil length measurements start at the insertion comb. Most veils are intended to cover your hair, but some can be worn lower in a dramatic sweeping trail. Many brides prefer two pieces, like this bride with both a veil and tiara. This is a great option for brides who want to take off their veil for the reception but still want a hair accessory to complement their dress. Knot the Groom provides a variety of birdcage style veils that are usually paired with a comb or fascinator. The birdcage veil can be removed from the fascinator or comb or can be flipped to cover your hair instead of your face, as shown here. Keep in mind that the bridal hairstyle and desired overall look will determine the veil placement; also, placement will affect the draping over your hair and ensemble. Check out more veil and accessory suggestions at the bottom of our veil page. 

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