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Brides are really shaking things up when planning their wedding receptions for spring of 2019. Creativity is king for the upcoming wedding season, so it’s time to put on your thinking caps and dream up some new ideas for your own special day.

Individual box wedding cakes in ivory with purple ribbon accents

Individual box shaped wedding cakes are another recently new trend.

One of the biggest changes our brides are making for next year is scrapping assigned seating. One way to do this is to set up your wedding reception in a lounge style rather than a formal dining room style. The lounge style reception hall is an excellent new wedding idea that offers a variety of seating areas where guests can easily mix and mingle without feeling tied to that one assigned seat. And you can really save your budget by cutting out those fancy, overpriced nameplates.

Those brides who are opting to stick with the traditional dining room for their wedding receptions are mixing things up by using tables in a variety of shapes and sizes paired with complementary, mismatched chairs, benches and stools.

If you want to cut some costs without ditching the nameplates, hold your wedding reception at brunch time. You can really turn the tables by serving brunch before the wedding ceremony instead of putting on a full-on night time reception with DJ and lighting. Brunch foods can be elegant without breaking the bank. Fill your guests’ tummies pre-ceremony, and serve up the cake afterward.

If you’re going to skip the evening wedding reception but would like guests to stick around for cake and mingling after the ceremony, set up a coffee bar and offer a variety of coffees to compliment your cake. After-parties are another hot wedding planning trend for 2011. Many wedding planning experts are suggesting cognac bars with personalized cigars offered in a semi-casual, yet elegant lounge setting.

For those who would like to stick with the traditional evening wedding reception, wedding planners are turning more and more to DJs rather than piano players or bands. And, many brides are purchasing a 2nd, more casual bridal gown to change into for the reception.

If you plan to spare no expense for your wedding, then this last wedding planning trend may be just the thing. More and more, brides and grooms are opting for the weekend long bridal extravaganza as opposed to limiting their wedding festivities to just one day.

Teapot teas infuser wedding reception favors

These teapot tea infuser wedding reception favors are excellent for an afternoon tea party reception.

Check with a realtor who can help you rent out a big, fancy Victorian home or contemporary beach house for the weekend. Then, plan a variety of activities for your guests in different parts of the home.

Hold the wedding day brunch in the dining room before moving to the lawn or the beach for the ceremony. Move inside for coffee and brandy in the library or an old fashioned tea party in the parlor while the lawn is transformed for the reception. The bride and groom can spend their wedding night in a luxurious master suite and wake to breakfast in bed before meeting guests in the parlor for the morning gift opening.

Another option: instead of renting out one venue, choose several different places to hold each activity and rent a nice chartered bus to carry the wedding party and guests from place to place.

Whatever you choose, the best wedding ideas for 2011 will be the ones no one has ever seen. Bunking tradition and doing things your own way are the name of the game, so take this opportunity to plan your own special wedding day exactly the way you like.

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