Groom & Groomsmen – Tuxedos Need Alterations Too!

As a bride, you have a checklist with hundreds of items to be completed before the big day.  As you reach your final check marks how will you reply to each?

•    Wedding dress fitted perfectly, pressed, hanging at the church ready to worn tomorrow?

•    Veil steamed and ready for the stylist to create a breathtaking up-do?

•    Groom, Groomsmen and Fathers of the couple have tuxes picked up and fitted accordingly?
  Not sure?

While the bride may be the center of attention as she gracefully walks down the aisle, the groom and his attendants will have plenty of time in front of the camera as well.  It is important that the attire of your groom and his wedding party attendants are fitted properly before the wedding. There are several steps you should take to insure a proper fit.


#1:  Be measured by a professional

Fitting for tuxedo begins the moment you select the style of suit.  The rental shop will provide cards for each of the wedding party members to have their measurements taken by a professional.  A fitting professional, such as a tailor, seamstress or other clothing fitter has the training to correctly take measurements.  There are several key measurements taken to ensure the proper fit of each tuxedo.  These include neck, sleeve length, chest, waist and out seam.   It is important for you to relay this information to your groom and his groomsmen and advise them not to use a metal tape measure to measure themselves.

#2:  Timely pick up and try on

If the tuxes arrive a day or two before the wedding, have your groom try his on at the earliest convenience.   If the tux needs to be altered, the rental company may have you pick the item up the next day. Many of your groomsmen may be traveling from out of town and request that you pick up their tux to bring to the rehearsal dinner.  However, this is generally not recommended. As tuxes are a rental item, they have previously been altered to fit another person and need to be re-altered to fit accordingly. The two major fitting concerns are sleeves and pants hem. The coat sleeve should land just below the wrist and show ½ inch of the dress shirt.  The pants hem should rest evenly with the top of the heel of the shoe, so be sure to have your groomsmen bring their dress shoes along if they are not included with the tux rental.

#3: Last minute fixes

There are always situations where circumstances do not allow for the tuxedo to be tried on at the rental store.  In this case, it is important to have some quick fix ideas in the back of your mind.  Sewing kits and garment tape are two handy items that can turn big problems into easy fixes.  Most hotels will provide a small sewing kit at the front desk. If there is a member of your family who has some basic sewing skills, they can easily tack up any long sleeve cuffs and pants hems.  Garment tape is another good resource as it only requires a “peel and press” fix.

Tuxedos, just like a wedding dress, are not custom-made to be fit each individual person.  They may need adjustments and alterations to achieve this perfect fit.   Make arrangements for all suit wearing members of the bridal party to be properly measured and fitted when the tux arrives.  By remembering these steps, everyone in your wedding photos will look like a million dollars!