Another Winter Wedding: Winter Wedding Decor

Check out this amazing Winter Wonderland wedding highlight video I just came across. It is absolutely amazing! The groom looks so nervous, and the bride is beautiful: she looks like a princess with her sparkling tiara. I love the snowflake theme and the poinsettias!

The bride’s long, trailing wedding veil, glittery bridal jewelry and even the style of her wedding gown all put me in mind of a glittery queen of some fantasy “winter wonderland.” And, the sparkling holiday lights and white carriage are a great finishing touch.

Just Married - Winter Bride and Groom in Open Carriage

At Knot The Groom, we have a beautiful selection of traditional bridal veils, much like that of the bride in the video. And most of our veils are custom made. This means, you choose the style, and we will have it custom cut to your specifications. Whatever the length or embellishment, the choice is yours.

Winter Wedding Decor

When planning the decorations for your winter wedding, it’s best to stick with flowers that are in season or easily obtainable during the colder months. Flowers such as poinsettias, roses, amaryllis and lilies are usually your best bet this time of year.

Another option is to skip the flowers altogether and just use greenery. Add bright red berries and spray with a silvery or shimmery holiday fluff to create a snow falling on evergreens effect. Or, intertwine plain white holiday lights with evergreen garlands. Pine cones, either with or without a dash of glitter, are another great choice.

3 Corinthians Unity Candle Set

You might also choose silver ribbons and other holiday decorations right out of the seasonal decor department at your local discount store.  And, how could you even think of planning a winter wedding without at least one  custom cut ice sculpture?

Or, how about this: a troupe of last minute snowmen dressed in their own holiday finery and lined up along the walk into the reception hall to point the way for your guests! That particular idea, of course, will likely depend on weather conditions on your wedding day. But, you can always dream of a white wedding day!

The Corinthians Unity Candle Set is an excellent addition for the winter wedding. I love the silver plated stand pictured at right. Silver is a perfect color for most winter weddings. Silver bridal jewelry, silver wedding shoes, silver handbags… they just add that touch of flash that puts you in mind of a snowy winter’s day.

Our Laura Ashley White Program Paper is another great choice for the winter wedding and is perfect for the Do it Yourself bride. The program papers come with everything you need to print your very own customized wedding programs.

Check it out:

Photo courtesy of Magnet Street Weddings

-The little winter bride is one of my all-time favorite wedding blogs. Check out the beautiful bridal gown in this latest post. This cream silk dress has a mermaid style skirt is just beautiful, but if you’re like me, there’s no way you could pull it off without the extra control of an Amoré Seamless Tummy Control Spandex Slip. I just love the vintage indie wedding style.

-Have a look at Jodi and John’s Sundance, Utah wedding at Martha Stewart Weddings. I love the pictures of the wedding party on the ski lifts!

-And, how about those wedding flowers? Check out these beautiful images, ideas and tips for winter wedding flowers from The Perfect Wedding Guide Wedding Blog.


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