A strong foundation: Why it is essential to choose the right bra for your wedding gown

Lacing a wedding gown to get the right fit. The success of your wedding dress often depends on the bridal undergarments you choose to wear beneath it. In most cases, you will want to choose a bra or bustier for your wedding dress that is made especially for that purpose. This is especially important when choosing a bra for an open back wedding dress.

While you may be tempted to throw on your regular old bra and panties, you likely will not get the smooth, seamless look under your gown that you can achieve with true wedding undergarments. Remember, your bridal gown is probably the most fitted garment you will ever wear in your lifetime. And, you will be wearing this fitted gown on one of the biggest days of your life. As such, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to build a proper foundation beneath your bridal gown with the right wedding undergarments.

Victoria Flattering me® Bridal Bustier - WHITE

The Flattering me® bridal bustier is available in white, ivory, nude, or black.

One dilemma that arises when choosing bras for a wedding is which to buy first… Do you choose a bustier for your wedding dress? Or do you choose a wedding dress that will wear well over the bustier that provides you with the best look for your body type? This may depend on your individual needs, but for the most part, you should be able to find the appropriate bustier for your wedding dress. As long as you choose a gown style that works well with your body type, you shouldn’t have to let your bridal undergarments dictate your style.

When you first try on wedding gowns, you will often start with an off-the-rack gown that comes complete with lacing to allow you to get an idea of how the gown will look on you without worrying yet about size. Your bridal gown shop should then take your measurements and order you a brand new dress in your exact size.

  • Wedding Bra Tip: Don’t forget to get pictures of yourself in the wedding dress (and the bridesmaids in their dresses) so you’ll have a reference when shopping for bras for the wedding.

Victoria Flattering me® Bridal Bustier - WHITE - Back View

This patented new strapless bra is the first of its kind to provide the support and cleavage that every bride dreams of without sacrificing comfort.

You should begin shopping for your bridal undergarments, including a bustier for your wedding dress, immediately upon ordering your wedding dress. If possible, order a couple of different styles that you think will work with your bridal gown so you can be sure to choose the correct one. You can always return any extra wedding undergarments that you choose not to use.

  • Wedding Bra Tip: Once your bridal gown arrives, it is essential that you have your bridal undergarments on hand for all wedding gown fittings to ensure the best fit. Bras for wedding gowns, body slimmers, and bridal crinolines and slips, can have a significant impact on the final fit of your gown.

Luckily, you can avoid those old-fashioned girdles that can cause pinching and pulling, leaving you unbearably uncomfortable throughout your big today. The technology involved in today’s bustiers and bras for wedding gowns has come a long way. Body slimmers are now manufactured with Lycra, Spandex, and expert technology aimed at creating the exact look you want for your wedding day.

  • Wedding Bra Tip: If you’re looking for an amazing bra for an open back wedding dress, we recommend the patented Flattering me® Bridal Bustier designed by Coco Abadi. Abadi, who had owned and operated a bridal gown shop for years, created this innovative, strapless, low back, longline wedding bra after years of researching what brides want and need from a bustier for a wedding dress. Learn more about choosing a Flattering me® bridal bustier for your wedding dress.


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