What Happens at a Bridal Trunk Show?

So now you know what a bridal trunk show is and you’ve made your appointment and the appropriate preparations. You’re probably wondering now what will actually happen when you arrive at your trunk show appointment. Here’s some information I’ve gathered to help you understand the trunk show process:A wedding gown on display at a bridal trunk show

What happens at the appointment?

  • Meet with the consultant. Discuss your desired price point and styles you are interested in. This will give the consultant a starting point for choosing gowns for you to try on.
  • The consultant will bring out bridal gowns for you to try. Some of these will be wedding dress styles you requested in advance, while others will be selected by the consultant based on the information you gave her during your previous discussion.
  • Try the gowns on. This will likely take place in front of a full-length, multiple view mirror so you can see how the gown looks from every angle. The consultant should also discuss the merits of each gown and provide honest feedback to help you find the wedding dress that is most flattering to your particular figure.
  • Place your order. If you should happen to find that perfect wedding gown, the bridal shop consultant will measure you and place the order for your gown.

Wedding dress accents, bridal trunk showThings to know

During the trunk show, your consultant will attempt to have you try a gown in your size. However, if one is unavailable, you will try a slightly larger size wedding gown which will be either clipped back or tightened with lacing up the back to give you an idea how the gown looks.

Don’t worry about getting the right size at this point. Once you decide on a style, that’s when the bridal shop will obtain measurements and order your bridal gown in your exact size. Also, it is important that you not attempt to try on more than 10-15 wedding dresses in one day, as this can become extremely overwhelming.

Your trunk show appointment will likely last around an hour and a half. Anything longer than that, and the bride (and her friends,) will likely start to tire and get cranky. Remember, choosing your wedding dress is supposed to be fun. So, do your best to keep things light and don’t put yourself or your friends through more stress than is necessary to get the job done.beaded accents on a wedding gown at a bridal trunk show

You will not receive your actual wedding gown on the day of your trunk show appointment. Instead, once you have chosen a style, the bridal shop will order a brand new wedding dress in your size directly from the designer. So, don’t worry that other brides might have tried on your gown or that the gown you’re trying out might have someone else’s body oils on it. However, if a bridal shop should attempt to sell you one of these bridal trunk show gowns, you should expect to receive a steep discount, as these dresses are typically not meant to be purchased off the rack.

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