Bridal Trunk Show Trends for 2019

In my last post on the bridal trunk show, I talked about what happens during your bridal trunk show appointment. Now, let’s talk about some of the latest wedding dress trends as seen at Christy’s Bridal.

Wedding dress with straps

Straps are back. More brides are choosing wedding gowns with thicker straps this season.


Bridal Gown Trends and Tips for 2019

  • Fit and Flare. Fit and flare style wedding gowns are fitted from the top of the dress to below the hip. Carol, the owner of Christy’s Bridal, says this style is really hot this year.
    • Fit and Flare Bridal Undergarments. When choosing a fit and flare style wedding dress, it’s essential to also choose the right bridal undergarments to provide a smooth, sleek look under your gown. The Amoré Seamless Tummy Control Spandex Slip is one option featuring a built in Lycra® control panel that minimizes and smooths the tummy area and hips.
  • Straps. Forget strapless and even spaghetti straps. This year, straps are back. Carol has noticed this year that brides-to-be are opting more and more for a thicker shoulder strap on their bridal gowns. One reason may be the added feeling of security provided by straps designed to stay in place and hold the bride’s bodice together through the entire long wedding day. Some brides also prefer to maintain the option of wearing a regular bra with their bridal gown rather than a strapless bra.
    • Strap Support. Carol says most of her strapless bridal gowns are designed with built-in supporters which do a great job of holding the bodice in place throughout the wedding. Proper wedding undergarments will also help you avoid any mishaps. Although the right bridal undergarment and built-in support features will help you hold it together on your wedding day, chances are you’ll just feel more secure with straps. If that’s the case, don’t forget to pick up a packet of Sticky Straps Dress Tape to hold those straps in place.
  • Flowered Accents. This year, flowered accents are in. You’ll see flowers on shoulder straps, belts and even carpeting entire skirts.
  • Beads. Beads, in the form of beaded flowers and other beaded accents are another top bridal trend for 2019.
  • Color. Pops of color to accent the white wedding gown are a popular bridal trend for 2019. While various shades of white and ivory are still the norm, brides are choosing wedding dresses which incorporate colored accents such as flowers and flowers and beads on a bridal gown

    Colored accents like these black flowers and beads are another hot trend for 2019.

  • Detachable Belts. The detachable belt is another hit this year. In many cases you can choose to wear your wedding dress with or without the belt, or you can even switch one belt for another, more desirable accessory. At Christy’s Bridal, if you don’t like the belt that your gown came with, they’ll allow you to switch it out for one you do like.

Detachable beaded belt on a wedding gown

Detachable, beaded belts like this one are a popular accent on wedding gowns this season. If you don’t like the belt that came with your gown, ask your bridal shop about switching it for a belt you do like.

Up Next…

In my next post on the bridal trunk show, I’ll share some tips from a real bride-to-be.

detachable beaded beltCheck it out

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