Summer fun with our new color dipped canvas totes
So many good things come dipped: chocolate dipped strawberries; apples covered in gooey caramel; carrots in ranch dressing; and those insanely sugary Fun Dip candies I devoured as
Full of Grace Wedding Inspiration
Looking for sophisticated wedding inspiration? Look no further than the beautiful and elegant Grace Kelly. The stunning lace gown she wore for her marriage to the Prince of
Destination: Wedding
Whether you are a bride, groom, bridesmaid or groomsman, traveling hundreds of miles to a tropical wedding or just around the corner, having a well thought out packing
Bridesmaid Advice from Big Screen “Bridesmaids”
So, you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid, and of course you’re thrilled… but then the doubts begin to creep in: How much will this cost? Do I