Simple Wedding Reception Menus: Buffet Bars
Wedding reception menus and event catering seem to be a major topic of conversation within my circle lately. Over the summer, my cousin’s fiancée was discussing the menu
Country Club Wedding Menus: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
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Simple Wedding Reception Menus: Southwest Fare
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Simple Wedding Reception Menus
I’m new to blogging, and I’ve been stretching for a little inspiration to get started. So, I asked my Facebook friends, “If you were planning a wedding, what
Edible Wedding Favors: Cake Pops
Today’s featured petite sweet wedding favor is the cake pop. Check out Knot the Groom’s edible wedding favor series. As a Wisconsin girl, I always considered food on a stick
Hello Pumpkin! Fall Flavor Inspiration
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Wedding Signature Cocktail – Margarita with Blue Curacao
The Mix: Our blog series on everything from signature cocktails to DJ playlists.  This striking blue-green cocktail will add a punch of color and fun to your reception
Wedding Checklist: Easy Wedding Buffet and Candy Bar Buffet for a Brunch Reception
In my last Simple Wedding Reception Menus post, I discussed some of the many options available for a wedding buffet. As usual, I got a little long winded
2019 Wedding Reception Trends | Wedding Planning | Wedding Ideas
Brides are really shaking things up when planning their wedding receptions for spring of 2019. Creativity is king for the upcoming wedding season, so it’s time to put