Edible Wedding Favors: Cake Pops

Today’s featured petite sweet wedding favor is the cake pop. Check out Knot the Groom’s edible wedding favor series.

cake pops

As a Wisconsin girl, I always considered food on a stick a novelty reserved for daring diners at the annual State Fair. Gems like cheesecake, deep fried butter, chocolate covered bacon and deep fried PB & J are just a few of the things fair goers could enjoy skewered on a stick this past summer.

Thankfully, the wedding industry has taken on this “food on a stick” popularity with a bit more class and artistry. Cake pops, cakes on a stick, are popping up in bakeries and weddings everywhere.  These little darlings add delicious and unique twists to the favor and dessert table. Just like the centerpiece wedding cake, these individual pops can be designed as intricately or simply as the couple desires. The cake pops featured above represent a simple, design meant to balance out the detailed cake while adding to the overall color scheme of the wedding. The bows are elegant touches and make them seem more like fun gifts for guests rather than extra menu items.

So what exactly are cake pops?

Before embellishing the outer shell, all bakers start with a simple cake base. Baked and crumbled cake of any flavor is mixed with frosting, chilled, and finally formed into balls. After adding sticks then chilling further, the decorating fun begins as they are coated in candy and chocolate. Needless to say, these little treats are extremely sweet; I recommend having a glass of milk near by to help wash down the mini sugar bomb.


Although it is not exactly clear who invented this sweet treat, credit for the cake pop’s rise in popularity can most definitely be given to Angie Dudley. This cake pop guru wrote the bible on these fanciful cakes on a stick and shot them into Internet fame on her much followed blog Bakerella.  Her designs are awe-inspiring–so amazing in fact that I would feel incredibly guilty eating them. It would be like defacing a Warhol painting. If you need convincing just check out her recent Muppets Cake Pops.

Check it out:

Favor Gift Box

  • Tee & Cakes does a great job of showcasing cake pops and other petite sweets at weddings.
  • I love these bride and groom inspired cake pops. So cute!
  • These Heart Shaped Handle Favor Boxes include a printed design of your choice. Use them to hold cake pops or other small favors.


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