En Route to the Mount Mary College Fashion Show

Are you En Route?

By Guest Blogger, Whitney Gilles

The first order of business in this spring’s Fashion Show Coordination class at Mount Mary College was to decide on the theme of the show. We started by blurting out unrelated concepts and ideas that could work for a show, talking about recent runway inspirations and current events. By our second class, the class had narrowed it down to the clear frontrunner: “En Route.”

En Route student designer fashion show invitation

The official invitation for the 2011 Student Designer Fashion Show at Mount Mary College was designed by student, Barbara Kolb, Graphic Design '12.

“En Route” captures countless images and works on a number of levels, which is why we were drawn to it in the first place. The show is a collection of 36 designers’ garments, and we wanted to work around all of the distinctly different creative directions they were all taking. We also saw how garments are en route, from idea to sketch, pattern to form, draping to sewing, and finally traveling down the runway.

Just as each student’s instincts take their designs down a different road, each designer pursues a different career path. Some girls want to work in product development for companies like Kohl’s and Target. Others want to open boutiques or launch their own line. But even those who possess similar career aspirations won’t end up taking the same journey to achieve them.

It is only fitting that our runway would look like a road to capture this idea of movement, progression, and travelling down life’s road. En Route also lets us acknowledge the major change in this year’s show.

Since 1967, the annual student designer fashion show has been held on the Mount Mary College campus. This year, we are moving into new territory and heading downtown to the Bradley Pavilion in the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. In this case, En Route not only means moving venues, but also the progress Mount Mary has made in the development of their fashion program and in bringing a one-of-a-kind (or ooak couture, as some of the girls like to call it) fashion showcase to the city of Milwaukee.

We hope that all the attendees will be taken on their own journey throughout the show as they get a glimpse of tomorrow’s top designers at the pivotal crossroads of their careers.

Up next

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing more information about the individual pieces in the show.

Check it out

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