Father’s Day for the Distinguished Dad

Every year, Father’s Day seems to sneak up on me without warning. And unlike Mother’s Day, a last-minute run to the local florist is not usually a great option. To help you avoid impulse buys of poorly researched electronics or embarrassing neckties, I scoured our collections for some of my favorite dad gifts. In this roundup you will find gifts to satisfy even the most refined and discriminating tastes–gifts even the notorious 007 would appreciate. And what dad doesn’t want to feel like James Bond? Complement your gift with a truly elegant evening out. Once the kids are asleep and the babysitter arrives, slip into your best Bond girl dress, because a night of martinis, poker tables, and unexpected adventures await!

The Gifts...
Father's Day Gifts

Where to buy: Black Border Designer Cuff Links, Black Border Tie Clip, Genuine Leather Money Clip, Menswear Personalized iPhone Cases (so cool!), Cigar Holder, Personalized Hankies

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The Clothes… 

For elegant, Bond-inspired evening wear for you night out, look to the fashion runways for some inspiration. Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 2011 collection took “killer tux” quite literally with this sleek, classic look. I recommend leaving the gun at home. For the ladies, I could not take my eyes off of the little black dresses in Calvin Klein’s Spring 2012 collection. Of course, for us mortals, designer fashion is a “look but do not touch” luxury.  But fashion is meant to inspire, and if you are a frugal fashionista like me, you can find equally stunning pieces for a fraction of the price. For a fun experience, check out sites that let you rent designer clothing!  Check out this article on Oprah.com for a list of rental websites.

Jean Paul Gaultier and Calvin Klein

Photos courtesy of Style.com


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