DIY Flower Crowns for the Flower Girls, Bridesmaids and the Bride

little girl wearing a flower crownI love flower crowns. So much so, I usually end up making at least one for various nieces and little cousins every summer. They’re so easy, you can do it yourself. I like to use long-stemmed flowers, such as daisies, black-eyed Susies and even poppies. The best is when you can pick them yourself from a local field or meadow. Just pick a huge basket full of the flowers and braid the stems together, working in the occasional flower.

My niece, Audra, is pictured at left in one of my hand made flower crowns. Of course, the flowers were a bit wilted by the time this picture was taken, but you get the idea. If you do choose to make your own flower crowns for your wedding, try to pick the flowers as close to the wedding ceremony as possible and store the crowns in a refrigerator with the rest of your wedding flowers until just prior to the wedding.

The type of flowers you use in your flower crowns will likely depend on the time of year unless you’re willing to shell out some money to purchase flowers out of season. Certain flowers may be dried after the wedding and saved for years afterward.

The beach flower girl basket pictured below would be an excellent choice for your flower girls as well. Fill the baskets with the same flowers she is wearing in her hair for a striking look. Afraid to go overboard with the flowers? Then have one of your flower girls carry our “Here comes the bride” wedding banner instead.

For a fall wedding, you could even use long stemmed mums or another long stemmed fall bloom and weave in the occasional yellow or orange leaf. Instead of flowers, have your flower girls carry small baskets with tiny pumpkins and multi-colored Indian corn. The possibilities are endless.

Beach Collection Flower BasketOther must-have items for your flower girls include:

  • Flower girl shoes
  • Petticoats and crinolines
  • Flower girl jewelry
  • Gifts

Check it out:

-This DIY flower crown at Project Wedding is another quick and easy flower crown idea. Instead of braiding the flowers’ stems together as I do with mine, this project uses a simple ribbon strung through the centers of several hyacinth blooms.

-The floral wreath worn by this little girl at Ashley and Brad’s real wedding in Penn Valley, California is a bit more intricate. You may or may not be able to do this one yourself, so check with your local florist for ideas.

-Flower crowns don’t have to be just for the flower girls: Here is a beautiful flower crown for the bride from the little winter bride.


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