From The Thread: Meet Kate’s Go-To Designer

Are you an admirer of Kate Middleton fashion? Check out this new video from The Thread this morning:

Other news on the Royal Wedding front? Well, it looks like musician, James Blunt, is all set to play the organ at Westminster Abbey for Will and Kate’s wedding on April 29th. Blunt recently told Italian news channel SkyTG24 that he will not be singing for the royal couple, but will merely be playing the organ for their wedding ceremony.

Check it out

  • Flower Bouquet Reception Vase

    Flower Bouquet Reception Vase

    Need a place to stay for the royal wedding but can’t afford London’s skyrocketing hotel prices for the week of the wedding?  Check out “Camp Royale,” which is to be set up on Clapham Common in south London. The “Big Royal Wedding Sleepover” will be open from April 28 until May 1. The cost is $120 for three nights.

  • ABC News’ Ashley Peskoe wonders which if the Royal Jewels Kate Middleton will be wearing on her wedding day.
  • And, who will dress Queen Elizabeth for the big day?
  • The Flower Bouquet Reception Vase, pictured at right, is an elegant choice for your own wedding reception.


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