Go Team Go! Get Ready for Homecoming Madness

For many, homecoming is all about the midnight dances, toga dress up days and screaming pep rallies, all of which are my favorite parts. For others, the homecoming game is the ultimate culminating event. I never attended a high school or college that had huge sport teams, or much school spirit, so I have been listening in awe as people regale me with their stories of sports-crazed homecoming weekends.  Homecoming is traditionally an opportunity for colleges and high schools to welcome back alumni for a weekend full of activities, sports and parades, among other things. Now I’m beginning to wonder why my alma mater has not welcomed me back! I want to tailgate and picnic and rush the field when my football team scores a major upset over our undefeated rivalries. For now, I suppose, I will live vicariously through others and tailgate in my backyard with a nice cooler of adult beverages. If you are attending your homecoming activities, get pumped uo with some university-geared homecoming inspiration.

Homecoming Game & Tailgating

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Cooler Tote with Cell Phone Holder

Share your homecoming stories by leaving a comment on this blog post or emailing me at [email protected] I’ll feature my favorite stories in another homecoming blog post!


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