Graduation Party Glamour

It is caps and gowns galore this time of year, and I’m sure the graduation invites have already started to pile up in your mailbox. Make your graduation party stand out from all the backyard barbecues and potlucks with a little glitz and glamour. Your graduate has worked hard to get to this day, so it’s only fitting that they feel like a star. Set up a paparazzi area with a fun photo booth backdrop to capture the graduate, family, and friends as they stop by to honor the grad’s accomplishments. The majority of grad parties are going to be casual, afternoon affairs. Break from the pack, and host a more formal, evening event with dancing and cocktails (or mocktails). Guests will be thrilled for something other than the five potato salad, broccoli slaw, and hot dog meals they had that day. See our other star studded party supplies for more decorating ideas.

Graduation Party Supplies

Where to buy: Hollywood Star Party Supplies; Filigree Graduation Announcement; Brielle Gold Pleated Evening Sandal (A small heel so you don’t trip on stage!)

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