Partying Poolside: Summer Wedding Inspiration

When a friend of mine told me she would be attending a wedding with a post-nuptuals pool party I was initially a little thrown. Backstrokes and bikinis are not typical elements of a wedding or reception. However, with a little forethought and creativity, a pool or poolside soiree is really a fun way to enjoy the weather and to make your summer wedding unique. Plus it is a great alternative for couples who want the feel of a tropical, destination wedding without the travel hassle and cost. Check out my ideas below for different ways to use the swimming pool as a setting for your wedding.

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1. Backyard barbecue (above images): Low key couples looking for a fun, family-centered celebration should consider a casual, pool-party and barbecue. Create a cohesive color palate or theme that helps the spirit of the wedding day stay afloat among cannon balls and sunscreen. I love the combination of cobalt blue and checkerboard red featured in my inspiration board. For food, appoint a trusty friend as the grill master and load on the ribs. I also love the idea of hiring food trucks to cater. One of my favorite food trucks, Pleasant Pops, will serve their delicious and homemade ice pops at events. And you cannot go wrong with flavors like Strawberry Ginger Lemonade and Mexican Chocolate.

2. Poolside Cocktail Party: For a fancier twist on the pool party idea, host a poolside cocktail reception. Start the party at dusk, and set the mood with a plethora of candles and hanging lanterns. Floating candles in the pool will create warm and romantic glow as they shimmer off the surface of the water. Specialty cocktails with hints of citrus and small plates are perfect for this setting.

What do think of a wedding pool party? We would love to hear from you in our comments section!


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