Pastel Pink Wedding Inspiration

Nothing smells quite like the enchanting fragrance of a rose. Surround yourself with the elegance and romance of these floral beauties at a rosy pink wedding. Instead of classic red, look to pastel pink and pearl white buds to inspire a truly picture-perfect wedding. These muted tones will stand as a lovely backdrop to the brightest, most vibrant element of the day: the bride. These wistful and romantic colors and elements are especially perfect for those planning a Valentine’s Day wedding.

  • I love these Romancing Roses wedding invitations! The embossing and calligraphy is beautiful.
  • To help you choose your roses, visit the National Gardening Association’s helpful website.
  • has 10 great ideas for planning a Valentine’s Day wedding. I love tip four that suggests arranging your seating chart so that singles can sit together and mingle. Get your friends in the romantic spirit as well!
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