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BPA Free Water Bottle in Apple GreenThe latest fad in ‘going green’ is the BPA free water bottles you’ve likely seen everyone running around with lately. They’re great for the gym or just for bringing a drink of water along with you on your post holiday shopping sprees. I’ve been meaning to pick one up for a while, so I was really excited yesterday when I opened a package from Billie-Jo Brusveen, founder of Knot The Groom, and found my very own personalized aluminum water bottle inside.

My aluminum water bottle came in apple green with my name printed along the side. They also come in aqua, black and fuchsia. Get your aluminum water bottles at Knot The Groom, and you’ll get free personalization as well!

These BPA free water bottles come with an easily removable, threaded carabiner key ring top. I love the little metal clip on the top of the bottle. It will be great to clip it onto my book bag so I can easily bring a bottle of water to class with me along with all of my other junk that I tend to drag around at school with me. (I’m a graduate student in the professional writing program at Mount Mary College, which is also Billie-Jo’s alma mater.)

Reusable water bottles such as these are great for the environment, as they create less waste than those plastic water bottles we’re so used to throwing out as soon as we’re done with them. And aluminum water bottles are BPA free, which is healthier for you as well as for the Earth.

For your wedding

These BPA Free water bottles make excellent wedding party gifts for your best friends. Get them for bridesmaids and groomsmen as well as flower girls and ring bearers. You can have your friends’ names printed on their aluminum water bottles, or their title (i.e. ‘Bridesmaid.’)

This aluminum water bottle measures 9″ inches high by 3″ inches wide and holds up to 24 ounces.

Personalized Aluminum Water BottlesCheck it out

-The Environmental Blog discusses the dangers of Bisphenol-a, or BPA which is found in most plastic water bottles

-Even Coca-Cola is getting in on the eco-friendly bottle with these cool new bottle designs…. Just kidding. Actually, this post is from a student who created these designs for a school project. But the images are so polished and professional, I was fooled at first.  It would be great if the Coca-Cola Company and other drink companies would move to designs like these. I swear this kid thought of everything!

-The Daily Green discusses specific plastics to avoid when choosing drinking bottles.


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