Pretty in Pink Homecoming Dance Inspiration

The homecoming dance is the first big social event of the year for most high schools. Pep rallies, football games and school dances provide a much needed break from the daily routine of classes and homework. At homecoming this year, make an entrance worthy of an 80s teenage angst movie by strutting your feminine side. You’ll be center of attention in a girly, rose colored dress and accessories. Now all you have to do is convince your date to wear a matching pink tie.

Photos by: Whitney Dafoe Photography, Val Stefani, WeddingWire, Jen O’Sullivan

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Check it out:

  • PK Photography captured some great 80s-inspired looks from this real Homecoming dance. Crystal and Freshwater Pearl Necklace
  • Mary Anne Morgan captures the high school dance spirit in these fun photos. Kind of makes me want to be in high school again!
  • Only the earrings are shown above, but you can get 30% off the whole jewelry set this week!
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