The Quinceañera’s Royal Court of Honor

Much like a wedding, the Quinceañera includes a group of very special people whose job it is to support the guest of honor. But instead of a wedding party, the Quinceañera enjoys the attentions of her very own escort and Quinceañera Court of Honor.

Quinceañera Court

The Quinceañera Court

Throughout the typical Quinceañera celebration, the Quinceañera court of honor plays a role similar to that of a royal court. The court commonly consists of 15 couples (one for each year of her life,) including the Quinceañera and her escort. The court may include a variety of friends and family members of the Quinceañera’s choosing.

Quinceneara Invitations with Court of Honor

Be sure to list the names of your Quinceañera Court of Honor members on your Quinceañera invitations.

The Quinceañera’s escort, as well as the other 14 male court members, are commonly referred to as the chambelanes or chamberlains, while the 14 female court members are referred to as the damas, or maids. The court members are often around the same age as the guest of honor. However, depending on the individual family’s tradition, the chamberlain role may be played by the Quinceañera’s father, a brother, or some other family relation or friend.

The Quinceañera’s court of honor plays an important role in many of the festivities of the day. For example, the Quinceañera’s personal chambelane accompanies her throughout the day, even dancing the First Waltz with the guest of honor. The damas, meanwhile, play a similar role to that of a bride’s bridesmaids or a queen’s maidens.

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