The Quinceañera: Princess Themed Quinceañera Dresses and Accessories

The Quinceañera may celebrate your little girl’s entree to womanhood, but you know she still wants nothing more than to be treated like a princess on her special day. Next to the wedding dress, Quinceañera dresses and Quinceañera ball gowns have become some of the most elaborate dresses on the market today. And many families will spend as much time, money, and effort on their daughter’s Quinceañera as they will on her wedding day.

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Just like a wedding, the Quinceañera comes complete with a gown and matching accessories, a court (much like the bridal party,) special cake, favors… you name it! In our Quinceañera series, we will discuss the various elements of the average Quinceañera, along with ideas and images (lots and lots of images) of all of the beautiful Quinceañera ball gowns and the multitude of Quinceañera accessories available for your young lady’s most special day. 

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  • Quinceanera Crinoline Slip with DrawstringThese pink and turquoise blue Quinceañera ball gowns remind me of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty: Perfect for the princess themed Quinceañera!
  • Looking for the latest Quinceañera ball gowns? Check out these new styles of Mary’s Bridal Quinceanera Dresses from the Fall 2011 Collection on the ABC Fashion Blog.
  • Many Quinceañera ball gowns require a mega full crinoline slip to achieve optimum fullness. Otherwise, the skirt of your Quinceañera  dress will just hang limp and loose. Our Quinceañera crinoline slip with drawstring, pictured at right, is a must-have for every full-skirt Quinceañera ball gown.
  • Have you (or your daughter) always dreamed of wearing a Scarlet O’Hara-style hoop skirt under your Quinceañera ball gown? Then you must see our hoop skirt slips! No matter what style skirt you choose for your Quinceañera Dress, you can be sure to find the right undergarments to achieve the desired look under your gown.
  • Be sure to check out Part II in our series on The Quinceañera: What is a Quinceañera Anyway?



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