The Quinceañera Mass, aka La Ceremonia Religiosa or La Misa

The Quinceañera Mass, also referred to as La Ceremonia Religiosa or La Misa, is perhaps the most important element of the traditional Quinceañera. In general, this Misa de accion de gracias, or Thanksgiving Mass, commemorates the transition of the 15-year-old girl’s life from childhood to womanhood. The Quinceañera Mass may include a variety of traditional activities depending on the individual family.

Common Quinceañera Mass Elements

  • The Quinceañera is typically escorted to the altar of the church by her parents, godparents, and her court of honor.
  • Family members and friends may make speeches during the mass itself.
  • Children play a role in many Quinceañera Masses from placing the pillow upon which the Quinceañera will kneel throughout the ceremony to handing out small gifts to guests.
  • At the end of La Misa, the Quinceañera may place her bouquet on the altar of the Virgin Maria.
  • La Ceremonia Religiosa is typically followed by a reception which includes a variety of additional traditions.

Precious Moments Quince Anos Invitations

Precious Moments Quince Anos Quinceneara Invitations

The inclusion of the Quinceañera Mass in the modern Quinceañera celebration may depend on a variety of factors including the family’s country of origin as well as their religiosity. For example, countries like Cuba may skip the Quinceañera Mass but include a blessing of the Quinceañera’s accessories, from her Bible and rosary to her shoes. Additionally, a family that does not regularly attend church may still choose to plan a Quinceañera reception for their daughters’ 15th birthdays.

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Disclaimer: As I have mentioned in my previous posts, the concept of the Quinceañera is relatively new for me. So, if I should happen to get something wrong or leave out essential information in one of my blog posts, please feel free to fill me in. You may contact me via e-mail to set me straight or provide additional information regarding the Quinceañera. We would especially love to hear from you if you are interested in sharing your own Quinceañera memories and photos on our blog!




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