Are you looking for the perfect theme for your Quinceañera?

In our last post, we discussed the history and origins of the Quinceañera. Now let’s talk about the party itself. In many ways like a wedding, the Quinceañera is often planned with a particular theme in mind. Choosing a theme helps add balance to the party, ensuring a unified ambiance to the festivities. There are a variety of themes to choose from when planning a Quinceañera. These are just a few…

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Fairy Tale Themed Quinceañera

Because the Quinceañera celebrates the transition from childhood to womanhood, the fairy tale themed Quinceañera is one of the most common. While on the cusp of womanhood, many 15 year old girls still cling to the fairy tale dreams of their youth. Tiaras, frothy pink princess-style dresses, and candle lighting ceremonies are common elements of the average fairy tale themed Quinceañera.

Quinceanera Princess Dress Cake TopperWedding Themed Quinceañera

There are many parallels between the wedding and the Quinceañera. For example, the Quinceañera herself often dresses in a white gown that could easily be confused for a wedding gown. The Quinceañera also attends her birthday party on the arm of an escort surrounded by a court of close friends, very much like a wedding party. The Quinceañera walks down the aisle of a church with one or both of her parents, and the church ceremony is typically followed up by a reception. So, why not carry the wedding theme throughout the entire day?

Sophisticated Quinceañera

Perhaps your Quinceañera is ready to throw off childhood without a backward glance. Maybe she has no interest in fairy tales and romance. If that’s the case, then how about a sophisticated Quinceañera complete with (virgin) cocktails and classic, formal attire? Make it a cocktail party with her closest friends and family members, and treat her like the young lady she is becoming right before your eyes.

Paparazzi Themed Quinceañera

If your favorite Quince loves the glitz and glam of Hollywood, then how about a paparazzi themed Quinceañera? Roll out the red carpet so your Quince can make an entrance amid the flash and snap of guests carefully restrained from the entrance with gold tasseled ropes. Set up a photo backdrop so the Quince can pose for pictures with friends and family.

The right theme for your Quinceañera depends on your individual tastes, needs, and yes, your budget. It’s important to plan this most special of birthday parties with the wishes of the Quince in mind. But you may not always be able to give her everything she wants. Letting her choose a theme will help a great deal when it comes to planning the details. Because, no matter what the theme or the budget, the Quinceañera should always place the guest of honor center stage.

What’s your favorite Quinceañera theme? Tell us all about it in the comments below!



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Disclaimer: As I mentioned before, the concept of the Quinceañera is relatively new for me. So, if I should happen to get something wrong or leave out essential information in one of my blog posts, please feel free to fill me in. You may contact me via e-mail to set me straight or provide additional information regarding the Quinceañera. We would especially love to hear from you if you are interested in sharing your own Quinceañera memories and photos on our blog!

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