Will and Kate Royal Wedding Update: Wedding Etiquette, Monogram Fiasco

red monogramCheck out Good Morning America’s royal wedding diary update for the latest news on the Royal wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton… that is, Catherine as we should now call her! Reporter Nick Watt provides coverage, directly from England, of the wedding etiquette and traditions which must be met by the Royal couple.

One tradition Will and Kate will be bunking is the tradition of the monogram. While the American tradition is to use the bride and groom’s first initials to the left and right of their last initial as shown at right, British royals generally consists of two initials with the groom’s first.

The problem is, Will and Catherine’s monogram would then be, ‘WC,” which is the abbreviation for Water Closet, or what we refer to in the U.S. as the restroom or bathroom. According to some sources, this embarrassing is sending sales of royal wedding souvenirs down the drain. However, quick thinkers in the souvenir industry are flipping the initials and selling items emblazoned with the nontraditional “CW,” putting the bride’s initial first. I say they opt for the three initial American version!

There are now only 101 days left until the royal couple’s big wedding day. Let the countdown begin!

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-Royal hat style and wedding hat etiquette: yes, the Brits even have specific etiquette rules for the wearing of wedding hats!

–Rules and etiquette in the UK regarding advertising and promotion of the Royal Family and Royal events. Luckily, being an American, I don’t have to worry about those rules!


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