Highlights from the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

The day everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived. William and Kate (we must now call her Catherine, per protocol, if you care about that kind of thing,) are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. My biggest excitement of the day? Finally getting to see that wedding gown! And, I am not disappointed.

Will and Kate Wedding CeremonyI was still quite young when Charles and Diana married, but what always stood out most for me about their wedding day was the fact that Diana looked like a poor little sugar bride stuck on the top tier of a wedding cake and glued down by layers and layers of frosting. So, I was relieved to finally see Catherine in her delicate, simple, yet elegant royal wedding gown, in which she could actually move and breathe. Let’s just hope the dress is indicative of a lovely, livable, long marriage to come!

William helps Kate from the carriage at Buckingham PalaceI loved Kate’s light, airy bridal veil. The trim of hand embroidered flowers reminded me of brides from centuries past, while the dress, designed by Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen, is all modern.

Cheryl Kobs, of Kobs Designs, says the Royal Bridal Gown featured design elements reminiscent of the 16th century in the skirt and bodice, but the shell lace cover and sleeves are reminiscent of that of Princess Grace, Princess of Monaco. You can see pictures of the royal wedding gown on the Today Show’s Windsor Knot Blog.William and Harry at Westminster Abbey

In addition to the usual royal relatives, *wedding guests included Guy Ritchie, Elton John and The Beckhams. Glorious hats abounded (of course,) and there were plenty of the trendy fascinators which Kate has made so popular of late. (You should see the  fascinator Kelly Ripa wore this morning on Live! with Regis and Kelly.) Prince Harry was dashing as usual, but his girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, looked like she just rolled out off bed (seriously, what kind of statement was she trying to make in that Aqua nightmare she’s wearing?)

I have to chuckle at the filming of the royal wedding. Never before has the media had such access to such a high profile royal wedding. In places, the video plays like a soap opera wedding scene. The musical score from the Royal Wedding was created by an American, Christopher Warren-Green, musical director of the Charlotte Symphony.

What’s up next? The wedding reception, hosted by Her Majesty The Queen, will be held at Buckingham Palace. I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that party!

Check it out
Will and Kate kneel during their wedding ceremony

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*Note: A special thanks to all of my Facebook friends who shared their own favorite highlights from this morning’s Royal Wedding.

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