Rugged Chic: Arbor Inspired Outdoor Weddings

Take your first steps as a married couple on the lush grassy field of your leafy green and wheat colored wedding.  Inhale the fresh, crisp air and feel the soft breeze of new beginnings. Climb to new heights, literally and figuratively, at a refreshing and dazzling outdoor wedding. Whether your getting married outside or bringing the outside in, natural elements will bring your ceremony the perfect balance of strength and serenity.

Photos by: WeddingWire, Paul Houston Photography, The Arbors Events, BRC Photography

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Plus a pocket knife is a great way for your future hubby to express his love as he carves your initials into a tree.

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  • I am impressed with the work of wedding photographer Daniel McGarrity who has compiled some fun outdoor wedding shots in a musical slide show. Green Bride Guide
  • For some natural wedding ideas including DIY projects visit the Natural Wedding Company blog.
  • The Green Bride Guide is a great how-to guide for planning your eco-friendly wedding.
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