Wedding Cake Basics: Cutting and Serving the Wedding Cake

A 5-layer, Modern Black and White Wedding Cake on a table at a wedding receptionIn my last post, I gave you a brief overview of how to cut your wedding cake. Now that you know how your cake should be cut, the next step is to decide who will cut and serve the wedding cake at your wedding reception. You must make sure the official wedding cake cutter understands exactly how you want the cake sliced in order to serve everyone. You don’t want to start with large slices of cake and end up serving tiny slivers near the end to try to feed everyone.

If your caterer is providing your wedding cake, then he or she will likely take charge of cutting the cake. In this case, making arrangements for the wedding cake cutting ceremony may be as simple as reviewing your expectations with the caterer. In most cases the person assigned to cut your cake will have some experience and will probably cut your cake in the exact proportions required to feed all of your guests.

However, many caterers will charge you an exorbitant fee for cutting and serving a cake provided by someone other than themselves. In this case, you will need to choose a trusted friend or family member to take on this vital role.Beaded Cake Serving Set

Remember, this is one of those easily forgotten, yet absolutely essential details that must not be put off until the big day. It is so important to designate a specific person to direct the cake cutting and take steps to ensure the cake cutter understands and agrees with your expectations.

To accomplish this, you might consider holding an informal cake cutting party in advance of the big day. Get together with friends and family members to bake your own inexpensive cakes from box mixes, or use several loaves of bread cut to the sizes and shapes of your actual wedding cake tiers. Don’t be concerned with how your cakes look or what they are made of. The important thing is that your practice cakes be the same sizes and shapes as the real deal.

Practice making that first special wedding cake cut with your maid of honor, and then stand back and guide the official wedding cake cutter through the steps of cutting your practice ‘cake.’ You could even make it a fun girls’ day by opening a bottle of wine, doing your nails and practicing hair styles for the big day.

Wedding Cake Checklist:

The following is a quick checklist of wedding day extras you will want to pick up for the wedding reception.

  • Wedding Cake topper
  • Cake server set
  • Wedding toasting flutes
  • Box for storing the top of the cake (See right and below)
  • Guest book picture frame
  • Wedding gift card holder
  • Personalized dance floor decal
  • Personalized table runner for the head table
  • Flower vases and other table decorations
  • The Keepsake Memories Cake Box, pictured at right, provides the perfect place to store the top of your wedding cake. This beautiful silver box is specifically designed to store the top tier of your wedding cake with ease. It’s made of sturdy cardboard with a slick coat surface for durable storage and easy clean up. This keepsake box features a classic silver and white floral vine pattern that covers the box and removable lid. The keepsake box also includes a removable silver board for easy cake transfer and freezer-proof plastic liner.

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