Wedding Signature Cocktail – Margarita with Blue Curacao

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This striking blue-green cocktail will add a punch of color and fun to your reception alcohol drink selections. While bartenders refer to this cocktail as a blue margarita, the name is up to you!  Imagine sipping a Blue Paradise while doing the conga line at your luau-themed wedding. A bright colored cocktail also looks stunning in elegant martini glasses against the simplicity of a black and white wedding. The blue margarita is an excellent choice, both for aesthetics and taste.

Blue Margarita with Blue Curacao

The mix

  • Shaker with ice.
  • 2:1 (tequila: curacao)
  • Lime juice (a healthy dose, a little less than an ounce.)
  • A splash of whatever sour mix is on hand.
  • Shake it up Bond style, pour and enjoy.

    More tips:  My bartender also recommends adding some white soda, if you’re not blending, to cut the sweetness. Leave off the salted rim when using the blue curacao.

    Taste test: This shaken (not blended) drink was very quick and easy to make, which will keep your bartenders and guests happy.  While the drink packed a punch, it was not overly strong or sweet.  I quite enjoyed it, but then again, I never saw tequila I didn’t like.

    Signature Cocktail Glasses

    Try your signature cocktail in these glasses. Engraving optional.

    Now all this funky drink needs is an equally fun name. Comment below and leave a suggestion!

    Check it out

    • These engraved cocktail glasses make a great gift for the special couple and the bridal party.
    • Jonathan Pogash: A cocktail guru, this mixologist has perfected the signature cocktail. Pogash has appeared on several shows including the Today Show. I recommend checking out his Cocktail Menu Example and Jonathan’s blog for some great recipe ideas.
    • An especially great place to present this bright drink is at your peacock themed wedding—one of Knot The Groom’s all-time favorites. Check out our Peacock Satin Evening Shoes and Peacock Unity Ceremony Masterpiece, pictured below!

    Blue Peacock Shoes Canvass

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