Sticky Straps™ and Strapless Dress Dreams

By Jacqueline Lee Valenti

The problem started in the fitting room. I hadn’t even purchased the dress yet. Don’t get me wrong, the dress was gorgeous; layered pieces of rich teal satin, with accents of black lace, wrapping around to form the prettiest cocktail dress I’d ever seen. It was mesmerizing! I couldn’t just hang it back on the rack and walk away. Except…it was strapless.

I had a wedding to attend that very weekend, and I had a hard time imagining myself out on the dance floor in a strapless dress. I didn’t want to be ‘that girl,’ safety-tugging at her dress all night, or worse case scenario, I’d be the young woman who failed to tug at that crucial moment while worm-wiggling on the dance floor!

What’s the point of purchasing a classy dress if I’m going to cheaply show my goods to all the groomsmen?  At least they’d all root for me to catch the bouquet later—need to think positive.  I do have a very vivid imagination, verging on psychic.

So, I put the dress on hold and dragged my most fashionable friend to the mall to get her opinion. Is it too fancy? Too tight? Do I look like a sausage? No? Well, how do I keep this thing on?  I didn’t imagine she’d have an answer for that one, but she did.

Her solution was Sticky Straps™ dress tape. And I’ll admit, at first I was skeptical because I couldn’t imagine taping a cocktail dress like cheap wrapping paper to be the best bet.  Might as well have asked my brother and solved the situation with super glue. I hadn’t realized yet that Sticky Straps™ dress tape is much stronger and quite different from a roll of Scotch Tape™ at Christmas time. Meaning, my friend was correct; this fashion tape really is the solution for keeping things classy.

I used Sticky Straps™ 1” inch tape that night, placing two pieces in the front and one piece on each side, and they worked like a charm! Didn’t tug or wiggle once, which by the way is important: once you put Sticky Straps™ in place, do not tug or pull at the material because that is one way to ruin the hold. Just put them in place and let them do their thing; you will be amazed!

Sticky Straps™ Dress Tape - 30 Variety Pack

Sticky Straps™ Dress Tape – 30 Variety Pack

If I had known about Sticky Straps™ Assortment Pack at the time, I would have used curved tape instead, since it is specially designed for strapless situations.  I likely would have been even happier with the results.

Not trusting double-sided dress tape yet, I made sure to keep that Sticky Straps™ packet in my purse while I partied. Even after trust is established (which it will be,) keeping a package of Sticky Straps™ on hand is a fantastic idea.  I’m forever amazed at the fashion issues that arise at weddings.

Too many of us must be unfamiliar with formal attire and its imperative need for advanced preparation. I know I am.  However, the week of the wedding, those Sticky Straps™ had me looking like I’ve lived in strapless cocktail dresses my entire life.  I could have mingled and told people there’s a martini named after me, and I bet they would have bought it!

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