Tangerine Tango: 2012 Color of the Year

It’s official! The color experts at Pantone have crowned Tangerine Tango 2012’s color of the year. This vibrant orange color embodies the “renewed energy and optimism” of Pantone’s color vision for spring. Wanting my own taste of tangerine, I took to the streets and tangoed with this mouth-watering color in the most surprising places.

Tangerine Tango Pantone 2012 color


I never turn down the chance for some fashion inspiration; so when I heard the Oshkosh Public Museum was showcasing 100 years of high fashion at their Bling! exhibit I had to visit. I was surprised to find this year’s Tangerine Tango on several vintage pieces (above). I captured two of my favorite tangerine dresses from the showcase in hopes they might inspire your own wedding, engagement or bachelorette party wear. I especially like how each captures the spirit of “bling” with unique and intricate embellishments. The first is a classic silhouette dress from the 1940s worn by Amber Lange Klug (left). The 1920s dress on the right captures the funk and spirit of the flapper era; it was worn by Ruth Morris Howard and purchased in Paris from Rue de la Paix.  What a great idea for bridesmaids at a 1920s themed wedding!

Take a cue from the past and integrate this stunning color into your own modern wardrobe. I picked up this stunning Essie polish in “meet me at sunset” for my own pop of tangerine. If you’re inspired to use this color for your upcoming wedding, nail polish is a great, subtle way to integrate your wedding colors into the bridal ensemble without looking like a box of crayons.

Turn up this inspiring color and show off its feisty attitude with surprising pops of color or head-to-toe boldness. For your spring wedding, choose a companion color from the spring board (below). Pantone designers recommend Bellflower or Sweet Lilac. For something a little more rustic and earthy, Starfish is another great match. Check out the rest of Pantone’s color choices for spring 2012.

Pantone Spring 2012 colors

Check it out:

  • I am so excited by these new customized leather gift additions to the Knot the Groom website. What a great range of vibrant colors!
  • Green Wedding Shoes–one of my favorite fellow wedding blogs–created a beautiful tangerine tango inspired wedding photo essay. I love the splatter cakes!


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