The Big Send Off: Tips for a Stellar Bachelor Party

Send your groom off right, and hopefully in one piece, with these quick gift ideas and things to consider when planning and throwing a bachelor party or getaway.

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Tip 1. Know your bachelor.

Every best man wants to be remembered for planning an awesome and memorable bachelor party or bachelor weekend. The first step is figuring out the groom-to-be do’s and don’ts. While The Hangover is side-achingly hilarious, in reality your groom and fellow revelers probably do not want to end up missing teeth or married to a stripper. Get to know both the bride and groom’s values. Make sure the event doesn’t violate any boundaries they have for themselves and each other.

Tip 2. Estimate your costs. 

Not everyone attending the party will have the cash to drop on a huge, expensive night or weekend. While a golf resort or a weekend in Vegas might be the thing of bachelor dreams, make sure everyone in the party can afford the festivities. For a cheaper option, channel James Bond a la Casino Royale and host a poker night. Nothing says bachelorhood quite like cigars, alcohol and a good old fashioned game of poker with the boys.

Tip 3. Consider your party’s size.

If you do intend to go out, consider how the size of your group will affect the party. Smaller groups have an easier time moving around and can go more places.  On the other hand, larger groups can get better discounts. Research your venues in advance to see what deals they offer for parties and how much room they have before you make the guest list.

Tip 4. Know your exit strategy.

Designated drivers are hard to find for bachelor parties. Depending on the size of the group and affordability, buses or limos might not be possible either. But no matter what, break out your logistical magician skills and make sure everyone has a safe way home at the end of the night. And if someone does agree to act as designated driver, make sure you send him a thank you gift!

Tip 5. Choose your date wisely.

Throwing the party closer to the day of the wedding makes it easier for out of town groomsmen and guests to attend. However, the last days before the wedding are hectic and you can’t afford to lose a day to a hangover. Pick a date based on the location of the attendees and give yourself some recovery time before the big day.

Tip 6. HAVE FUN!

No explanation necessary.

Special thanks to guest blogger and newlywed Jeff for providing some great insights from his own experiences.


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