Make an entrance at your wedding reception!

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This is your moment. You’ve finally made it down the aisle and are ready to present yourselves as a married couple for the first time. Whether you choose a quiet entrance or extravagant fanfare, make it one that is memorable, special and most of all unique to you.

Bride & Groom Entrance

 Consider the space you are having your reception and the guests attending. You may not want to skydive in, for example, unless the reception is in some kind of field. Plus it may give Grandma Agnes heart palpitations.  Couples often ask the deejay to announce the bride and groom, sometimes with a song. What do you think would make a great entrance song for a newlywed couple? Post your ideas in our comment section.

Check it out:

  • eHow has great Ideas for the grand entrance at the wedding reception. Champaign Flutes
  • Hi-Fi Weddings is one of my favorite places to find wedding song inspiration.
  • Have guests toast to your new life together with a little champaign. The newlyweds deserve their first drink as a married couple in special engraved flutes.


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