The Peacock Wedding Theme Might be My All-Time Favorite!

Peacock wedding inspiration from Weddings Unveiled MagazineThe Peacock wedding theme: It’s one of my all-time favorites. The colors, such a striking mix, could only be inspired by nature. And, there are so many ways you can adapt this theme to suit your own individual tastes. Want elegant simplicity? Start with a simple, black sheath bridesmaid dress accented with the occasional peacock feather. Or, go all out with formal gowns in blues, greens or teals. Peacock inspired wedding from Brenda's Wedding BlogPeacock wedding theme from White Lace Wedding

Purple is a fabulous color to pair with the peacock wedding theme. I love the pale lavenders pictured at left, from Brenda’s Wedding Blog. I especially like the  striking contrast of purple to the single peacock feather in the bride’s hair piece.

I found tons of unique and creative ideas while researching today’s blog post. The bouquets, boutonnieres and other accents can be done in such a wide array of colors and arrangements.

Some of the images I found, like the $1.5 million peacock wedding gown I ran across are ALL peacock. The designer of this awe-inspiring dress, which I personally thought was a bit much, stuck to the peacock theme like glue. Every inch of the peacock bridal gown is covered with real peacock feathers.

My favorite ideas leaned more toward using the peacock feather as an inspirational accent. Many of the real peacock wedding inspiration boards I found simply borrowed the colors of the peacock feather, reserving the actual feather for the occasional accent.

In many cases, the brides even chose flowers in peacock colors with just one or two actual feathers interspersed throughout. And, I just loved the many boutonnieres I found, most of which contained a single peacock feather paired with a sleek flower, such as a calla lily. The teal poppy, pictured above left, is another unique flower to pair with the peacock feather.

Peacock Satin Evening Shoe in Royal BlueI love these new peacock satin evening shoes by Touch Ups™. Adorned with rhinestone studs and a peacock feather, these shoes will look amazing with your black or royal blue bridesmaid dresses. The bride could also wear these with a traditional wedding gown for a flash of color beneath her bridal petticoats. These peacock wedding shoes are available in royal blue or black.

Check it out:

  • I absolutely love the purple bridesmaid dresses, peacock bouquets and other accents at Abby & Zach’s Piazza Peacock Wedding, photographed by wedding photographer Stacy Reeves
  • Check out the peacock wedding cake, bouquets and accents at the Every Last Detail blog.
  • How to do a budget friendly Peacock feather themed wedding on
  • The peacock wedding inspiration boards featured in this piece were borrowed, with permission from New England Fine Living, who asks that you please link back to their website if you choose to borrow their images.


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