‘Tis the season for entertaining!


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It’s that time of year again. Time to break out those special-occasion serving platters, polish the silver, dig out the napkin rings, and dust off the party shoes. The holiday season – or, as I like to call it, the dance of the dinner parties – is so close I can already smell the roasting game hens.

Imagine this. You’re hosting the first dinner of the season tonight for a group of close friends. Guests are arriving soon.

But not to worry – you have the menu planned in advance and food ready to fly out of the kitchen. Luckily, everyone RSVP’d to your fabulous invites letting you know of any food requirements. Your friend Gerry’s new beau is allergic to peanuts, so stay away from the Skippy!

personalized wine decanters

You stopped by your local liquor store earlier this week to pick up some bottles of wine. You have some lovely new wine decanters you are dying to show off! Since you’re only serving wine, the shop owner advised buying one bottle per guest. It’s getting chilly out, and bold red wines are always a favorite this time of year. But you got a couple of whites just to be safe.

The table is set with your favorite linens. Nothing brings a little class to a dinner party quite like linen napkins!

This first guests arrives right on time and one hands you a lovely bottle of wine. They didn’t instruct you to save it for another occasion so you break it out now – it’s always a good idea to serve your guests’ wine first. And it goes very well with your cheese platter.

Billie Holiday croons in the background as guests arrive and mingle. Eventually you usher everyone to your thoughtfully decorated dinner table. You have invited a diverse group of lively conversationalists, and made sure to seat couples apart so they could get to know other people. Plus, you don’t want them to bring their arguments from home to the table! Directing people to their seats was easy with some simple place cards. You make sure not to put Ben and Sarah together otherwise you’ll be listening them to fight over politics all night.

Linen placemat

Wine glasses are tinkling, the first course has been served, and your friends are conversing easily. It is finally time to sit back and enjoy the company. Because it’s only a matter of time before the whirlwind of family holiday meals and celebrations begins!

*Do you have some great dinner party tips? Are you a seasoned host? Tell us your ideas and stories in the comments section!*


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