Don’t Let These Top 10 Wedding Guest Complaints Crash Your Wedding Day

Butterfly Wedding Window ClingIt’s your big day, and you want to throw the biggest, most fabulous fête that will have your guests talking for months to come. However, you don’t want your guests to gossip for months about the bad things. No, you want them to be so impressed they will have only glowing things to say about your wedding. To pull it off, here’s a list of the top 10 things wedding guests complain about the most:

  • Bad Date While Christmas Day may seem like the perfect wedding date for you, don’t make the mistake of believing all of your guests will be happy to scrap their traditional holiday plans to spend the day with you. The same goes for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and long holiday weekends such as Labor Day weekend. When choosing your wedding date, check to make sure it does not fall on the same day as your family reunion. Be considerate of your guests’ time so they will be more likely to enjoy sharing your special day with you.
  • Bad Timing Timing issues, including large gaps between the wedding ceremony and wedding reception can leave your guestsMr. & Mrs. Wedding Dance Floor Decal in pink with too much time on their hands and nothing to do with it. If you want to do your pictures between the wedding and the reception, be sure to make plans for your guests for that time in between. Plan to have lots of appetizers and drinks available so guests aren’t standing around staring at the cake table while they’re starving to death.
  • Boredom Do you really want your wedding day to go down in family history as the most boring special event ever? Remember, the average wedding guest probably enjoys the wedding ceremony for about the time it takes to get the wedding party down the aisle before the yawns begin in earnest. Keep the ceremony short and sweet, as your guests will be anxious to get to the party afterward. And don’t destroy all of that built up anticipation by allowing long toasts by every single person who has ever made you smile. Keep the speeches to a minimum and let everyone, including your loquacious grandfather, know that they will each be cut off after 5 minutes. Your guests don’t want to hear all about your potty training trials and tribulations or teenage angst unless it is seriously funny, and possibly somewhat embarrassing to you. Instead, say a quick thanks to those who truly deserve it and launch the real party ASAP.Flower Bouquet Reception Vase with beautiful pink flowers
  • Seating Arrangements Some people should never be allowed to sit together. Whether it’s Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa’s first wife or your naughty little brother David and his partner in crime, Cousin Dustin, it’s your responsibility to make seating arrangements that will help keep the peace. On the other hand, don’t put your great Aunt Sophia right next to the speakers where she can be guaranteed a migraine within 15 minutes of starting the music.
  • Bad Food You dream of an elegant Parisian themed wedding complete with authentic French cuisine. But, many in your meat and potatoes family cringe at the idea of eating snails and goose liver pâté. No matter what you plan to serve, make sure it tastes good and that there is plenty of it. You’re probably planning to spend beaucoup bucks on your reception menu, so make sure you (and your wedding guests) get your money’s worth.
  • Double Hearts Toasting FlutesA Cash Bar: Or Anything Else They Have to Pay For Could there possibly be anything more annoying than having to pay for a simple glass of soda at a wedding reception? If you can’t afford to pay for your guests to drink to their heart’s content provide some sort of beverage option, such as soda and punch, so they can at least whet their palette during dinner without having to whip out the old wallet. And, if you want to do a champagne toast, at least provide enough champagne or sparkling wine so that each guest may have this ceremonial glass without paying for it. Your guests may already be spending a great deal of money to attend your glorious fête. If they’re traveling from out of town, they may be purchasing plane tickets and hotel rooms in addition to their fancy duds. If your wedding ceremony and/or reception will take place in the city, make arrangements for guest parking. Avoid making your guests pay for anything unless absolutely necessary.
  • Not Inviting ‘And Guest’ It’s very likely that your single friends will not need yet another reminder of their single status when attending a wedding. Unless you know for certain that a particular guest will be perfectly happy just hanging out with the Ivory & Copper Pocket Folder Invitations Kitother invited guests, be sure to offer her the choice of bringing a date. And let’s face it, a lot of people will bring a date anyway, even if you didn’t specify that it was OK on the invitation. So, isn’t it better to know how many are coming in advance rather than scrambling to feed an extra guest?
  • Putting Guests to Work Unless you’re über-rich, there’s probably no way you can pull off an entire wedding without at least a little help from friends and family. But just remember, they want to enjoy your day too. Don’t make any one person spend the entire day working to make you happy. Make a list in advance of the duties that will need to be taken care of and divvy them up among as many people as possible. This way each person only has to spend a small amount of time ‘working.’ Remember, kids love the attention they get when offered the opportunity to help out at a wedding. For some, the simple pleasure of being able to wear a corsage signifying they are a part of the wedding party will be enough.
  • No Thanks Thank your guests. Without them, there is no attention for you to be the center of. Without guests, there are no laughs at your loveable new hubby’s lukewarm jokes and no oohs and aahs over your adorable nephew in his pint-sized tux. Personally Yours Guest Book, Pen & Pillow Set with red accentsYour guests make their own contributions to your special day, some more than others. Gifts always deserve thank you cards, and everyone who has played a special role (yes, even your step-cousin who decided to pick his nose while standing guard over the wedding guest book,) should receive at least some small token of appreciation for their contribution. While some contemporary experts claim it’s OK to skip the wedding favors, I personally believe that flying from hundreds of miles away only to get to speak to you for five minutes at the reception deserves some sort of gift!
  • Stressed-out Newlyweds Remember, it is your day, and you can’t please everyone all of the time. No one wants to leave the wedding shaking their heads over how badly the bride and groom stressed themselves out trying to be everything to everyone. In the end, your guests want you to be happy. They want to see the two of you fawning over each other and living it up on the dance floor. So, consider the needs of your wedding guests in advance, plan for them as well as you can and shrug it off if things don’t turn out exactly as you expected. The perfect wedding is one that leaves the newlyweds exhausted yet happy.
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