Trend Alert: DIY Bunting

Say it loud and say it proud with fun and creative bunting! These festive strings of colorful patterns and personalized triangles have been popping up in a lot of weddings recently. Bunting is a simple and inexpensive way to really dress up a wedding or other special event. With New Year’s just weeks away, this string of letters would look great over your champaign toast table as it exclaims “Happy New Year!”

DIY Paper Bunting Kit

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Check out these other creative ways to use and display your personalized bunting.

Save the date magnet kit

Where to buy: “Save the Date” Magnet Kit desert table display

Photo Credit: Wedding Wire

Did you know?

  • Bunting is definitely not a new idea. People were using it as early as the 1500s!
  • Today people use paper, plastic, or fabric to make this festive decoration. Originally, bunting referred specifically to a lightweight wool.


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