Vestidos de Quinceañera: Quinceañera Dresses

The Vestidos de Quinceañera (Quinceañera dresses) are one of the most important elements of the Quinceañera preparations. Throughout Quinceañera history, the young lady of the day has been, typically, swathed in layers of taffeta, chiffon, satin, and a myriad of other sumptuous dress fabrics, often over full hoop skirts.

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The Quinceañera dress is often white, a representation of the young lady’s purity. A typical vestido de Quinceañera might even be confused for a traditional white wedding dress, with its formal accessories and delicate lace accoutrements. However, pale pink is another common color choice for the traditional Quinceañera gown.

Quinceanera Fashionista Floor DecalContemporary vestidos de Quinceañera range from the traditional fairy tale ball gown complete with hoop skirts and elbow-length white gloves to the plain, sophisticated black sheath dress. The modern Quinceañera often opts for brighter colors as well, choosing shades of lemon, lime, or fuchsia rather than the muted tones of the traditional white or pale pink Quinceañera gown.

Quinceañera dresses may be simple, handmade dresses or custom-made designer gowns. And, while the extravagance of the gown may be dependent on the family’s budget, most do their best to send their Quinceañera out into the world in a style that is all her own.


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Disclaimer: As I have mentioned in my previous posts, the concept of the Quinceañera is relatively new for me. So, if I should happen to get something wrong or leave out essential information in one of my blog posts, please feel free to fill me in. You may contact me via e-mail to set me straight or provide additional information regarding the Quinceañera. We would especially love to hear from you if you are interested in sharing your own Quinceañera memories and photos on our blog!

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